Since you asked ~~ What is “YoYo Loving”? ~~~


Here is something I never heard before  😉
“I love him  he’s my everything”.
“I hate him!!~~I hope he drops dead”
“Why can’t he love me the way that I love him?”
“Oh God please make him come back to me, my life is nothing without him! :(“

After we finally manage to lure him back, the sex is absolutely phenomenal!
We are back in business..We are in love again!~ No worries no tears..
*  Until *
The next session of disappointment.
What makes us so desperate?,  that we are blinded to the reality.
I was a master of the “YOYO” loving.
Ever since I discovered men and their capability of breaking my heart,
it seemed like I made it a lifelong mission to lure them back in, no matter what.
Most men I was involved with had one thing in commune
** Incompatibility **
Without going into too much details, after years of dating, two failed marriages,
Finally I opened my eyes wide.
I realized I am not the only love starved woman,
And I am not crazy ?
Just insanely needy
The face book journey is fabulous.
It’s a trip into peoples’ hearts and minds.
All I needed to do is read between the lines.
For example under the headline of relationship,
What does “It’s complicated” mean?

*** 🙂 🙂 🙂 ***

I know!…
Its  YOYO love.
Chances are he is either emotionally or physically unavailable
So how can we call it a relationship?
Women post selfies with their men, Smiling, Kissing and all Lovey Dovy.
Next day the pictures have been deleted under the caption
“I hate him”! The mother fucker!!~
Yup!, been there and I hate to admit it,
I sill am living this nightmare.
But handling my emotions gave me the strength to
“keep it real”
He is a mother fucker! and that’s that.
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Once we realize who we are dealing with, it will get easier to accept, and change permanently
the It’s Complicated status,  to Single and relived.
There is no shame in being single and happy.
Last year, my face book friend Chere R posted blissful wedding pictures of herself and this
tall dark cool drink of water.

It was so awesome to see those pictures and the joy in their faces.”
With a twinge of envy, I in-boxed her how happy
I was for her and I wish therm both a life filled with joy.
I don’t know much about her life I don’t msn, nor like to pry in peoples business.
I like to let them know that I am aware and think of them.
Lately I noticed different type of postings minus the hubby.
Since we we refer to each other as soul sisters,
I took it upon myself to reach out and see if I can be of any help

Lucia Lehrer
Good morning Chere.
I saw your posting this morning and I can’t help noticing how unhappy you are
3/32, 8:14am
Chere R
Ya Sami is do young. …I left him
3/31, 8:15am
Lucia Lehrer
Good you don’t need that shit in your life..
3/31, 8:15amChere Rosa
He abandons me every day
Asks for money and dies not work
3/31, 8:16am
Chere R
Broke his computer I sent him money he went out drinking with it because it’s not our relationships over I’m going to die is up in jail I send the money again to fix this computer any women drink again cause it got a relationship is over is it a minigun in the city wanna smoke pot for the first time in his life and end up in the hospital for Mr date its like you know I can’t even imagine what the next one is going to be and he doesn’t respect me any kind of treat me like a dog but his words are the complete opposite I love you I cherish you and you’re the only woman for me I never cheated on you hi blah blah blah blah
3/31, 8:17am
Chere R
So I told him on Saturday at 11 11 its over we haven’t spoke
3/31, 8:18am
Lucia Lehrer
Why are you still worried about him than?
you need to put it all behind you and chuck it to bad experience
I had a lot of those in my life, this is why now I am single and happy.
3/31, 8:36am
Chere R
Yes I agee.
3/31, 8:38
Lucia Lehrer
I know it hurts and it’s humiliating.. This unfortunately is our Karma at work.
But wise people know when to put the break on this kind of pain and move on with no regret.
You are strong and smart and you’ll come out of it a winner.
Don’t ever take him back he’ll never change. Have an awesome day. I’m off to work.
Few days later I noticed she posted very painful massages on face book.
She wants him back.. Her life is empty without him.
4/18, 11:00a
Lucia Lehrer
I don’t mean to pry, I am concerned with your status and I wish you happiness with someone that deserves you.
I relate to your feelings since I lived and still do through he same situation with a younger man.
If you get a chance to read my blog maybe you can relate and see yourself healing and slowly letting go.
Chere R
Thank you
I will
Interesting twist….of life …so where are you at today ???
4/18, 11:51am
Lucia Lehrer
Dying to see him!
Trying hard to keep my hands of the key board.
I keep rejecting him..Too much head games.
My last email to him:
The world is full of scumbags..

You don’t need to be one of them.
Don’t play stupid with me, ur making me hate u.
Have an awesome day Kiss
I know the drill, he’ll be avoiding me for a while and than he zaps me with this diddy
Hey sorry I dissapeared last few weeks ive had a rough last month or so….how are u.
It’s driving me nuts..Not a fun place to be in.
I am almost 60 and I can’t explain the attraction I just need to stay away from him
4/18, 11:51am
Chere R
Hmmmm yes I agree
Sami is the opposite
Almost always here s few times a day ….never cheated …waiting….
Did you ehst I said yo him or just mine
I m confused
(The truth is ‘I understand her!)”~ I live her night mare…:(
Lucia Lehrer
Do you want him back?
4/18, 11:55am
Chere R
I do not know….I’ve been drinking and sadNothing will change
He does not work …took our engagement photos downI do not have any …..anyway
Fuck….it’s crazy
He did not contact me yesterday cuz he was mad at meTil midnight his time
I cheated on himIt hurt him as he is a virgin
4/18, 12:47pm
Lucia Lehrer
You have to be strong and let him go!~~ You are suffering and he is the cause of it..
He will never be who you want, I think it’s clear to you.
He knows he is driving you crazy!, this is why he is doing this to you!
Its called head games.
If you cheat on him it’s because you needed to feel good,
what do you mean he is a virgin?   (I just realized the word Virgin)
4/18, 12:49pm
Chere R
I’m the only one he had sex with
Yes I believe you are right
4/18, 12:59pm
Lucia Lehrer
How old is he?
4/18, 1:01p
Chere R
(That I didn’t expect)
But much wiser snf older loyal and faithful
It is mostly me I’m stuck In rebellion
Drinking I act younger than him
4/18, 1:02pm
Lucia Lehrer
How old are you?
4/18, 1:02pm
Chere R
I think if I quit drinking our love would be love
Now I’m just confused horny angry and broke….
he asked me for money again …
I send him do much all the time and said no more ….
“There is that Love again”
But I never! ever! give money
“My math skills are poor but my situation is I’m 59/Eric is 33”
“This is why I can’t judge ~~I can only guide”
4/18, 1:08pm
Lucia Lehrer
If you quit drinking, you will realize how wrong he is for you..
You like to control him by giving him money and sex..
Your daughter will learn to do the same..You have to be a role model for her.
He might be a nice guy but if you love him, you let him find someone his age and you be happy on your own..
You don’t need him to take over your life.
I know you are afraid of losing him this is why you act that way..
If love makes you insecure than you know inside your soul
that he is not going to stick around, and that fear will drive you to crazy.
Chere R
I fear he will never leave ….
4/18, 1:12pm
Lucia Lehrer
He will never leave as long as you keep bring him in…
The same with my Eric… I never ask, I only give.
As long as I respond I’ll always be hurt.. If you want him to leave,
you have to delete delete delete!
4/18, 1:14pm
Chere R
Yes I agree but let me ask you one question in my life I really have no one close to me not my family nobody who understands me
I feel as if it would be better for me and for my daughter to move to Tunisia and be with him alone
and be family and I’ve lived there I have enjoyed the country
I love the people there it’s very different in harmony with my spirit to live as a family with his family
versus the Las Vegas lifestyle I have here no pun intended
4/18, 1:15pm
Chere R
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me I really really really really appreciate you today
thank you and everyday that you’ve been in my heart and I’ve been in yours
4/18, 1:21pm
Lucia Lehrer
I think you need to concentrate on yourself and your daughter
(She is yours and she should be with YOU, not strangers that have no relation with)…. I know!!~~~
I was always chasing men and I never had anyone to fulfill my fantasies… but that’s all they were..
The reality is what we have in front of us, learn how to relate to that, and stop grabbing someone else’s.
I like you to read my blog site.
I have a lot of stories that relate to your dilemmas.
I lived through so much pain I can not only relate, but help you without judging..
I am not God.
4/18, 1:24pm
Lucia Lehrer
Chere R
Yes…I understand …..but my family betrays me so I end up with strangers anyway
I guess it’s pride
I will read it …also we never really made love yet
Now after a year he is grown into a sexy man …God …it’s not fair..
Lucia Lehrer
Family we don’t choose, we inherit. This is our Karma.. Its up to us to deal with that ..
Not blame or pass it on to someone else.
You desire him as a woman not as a life long companion.
He is very good looking and you are above the moon because someone like that wants you …
“He looks just like my nemesis

I Can’t blame her”
4/18, 1:31pm
Chere R
I’m above the moon cuz he has only been with me …he is not as cute when you lack respect
4/18, 1:32pm
Lucia Lehrer
I strongly recommend you listen to my you tube posts..
I’m reaching out to you because I feel your desperation.
You are one of the very few on face book that I can relate
Chere R
I am hahahahaha we have never even really can’t stand your video describes my god
.Kissed as you say in the videoow….what a pig….you dated…that man of five
Lucia Lehrer
Yup!~ this is what I am trying to explain to you..I wanted those men that were not for me..
.you are doing the same. You need to stop drinking!~Stop chasing YOUNG MEN!~
Be the best mother to your daughter!~PLEASE!~ You need to grow up.
4/18, 1:47pm
Lucia Lehrer
I’m here any time you need to chat..Just reach out and I’ll be happy to listen…
You are welcome.. Go hug your beautiful daughter.
She posted a picture of herself and her daughter
I know inside she is dying
So here it is

Get of your chair and work out..


Today 30/04/2014
On Chere R’s Face book Page.
Chere R
20 hours ago ·
Sami….I Love you so ….it is my prayer our Love will be renewed
and we spend the summer with you …in sha Allah ……love love…5 days..
oh PLEASE God …oh universe …I’m asking for a miracle.

2013-09-24 08-40-54.553