~~ Why did he Leave You? ~~


Lets face it ladies..
We did all we could to make this man stay with us.
We take care of our bodies, get fat, depressed, happy,
Whatever we do to ourselves,  we make it to be about him. I’m sure.
How many times do we hear
“Yeah but my husband”, My boyfriend, my whoever he is in your life.
What about them?
I can tell you.
They are on my massage table desperately trying to negotiate options.
He’s out in search of what you Don’t give him.

Play me
Why Men Cheat

Every one of us has been dumped by the ‘love of our lives.
How can he be the love of our lives, if he is no longer in it?
My guess is that he was just a ‘passing through’.
That’s the way we should look  at it.
Life doesn’t end with his departure.
It offers us new beginnings.

When a man walks out on us, there are many reasons.
The only way to look at it is, that he’s no longer suited for US.
Odds are we saw this coming but we chose to ignore it.
Because it takes us away from your comfort zone.

A woman falls in “LOVE” and becomes’ everything about this man
A man gets used to it, until he gets bored.

If we believe everything is great, we need to consult him as well.
Not hound him with texts and constant calling.
Most men are  big talkers until they have us.
Then they stop,  most of the time we don’t even listen.
They retreat in their own world, and start tuning us out.

Women try too hard to be perfect.
Most of us always look for faults in ourselves and eventually in others.
Nothing is uglier to a man, than a vicious jealous critical woman.

A man needs his space. He needs to find his own comfort zone within the couple..
This means “Don’t always make it about him”
Give yourselves a chance to miss each other.

If he doesn’t call ..Keep busy with our own lives and STOP obsessing..
A man likes a challenge, he likes to chaise…
Once we surrender, the chaise is over.

Be creative with your man..He loves surprises.
Once a relationship develops, the woman can keep a man interested by being creative.
Introduce different scenarios.
To him it’s not enough that we keep fit, we also have to be feminine.
A class at the gym is like a being in boot-camp.
We don’t need to concur the world,  just our man:) ~Think about this.

If we believe we did all of the above, than it may not be what he needs.
We all have our own passions,  yet we settle for the wrong people just to have someone.
Remember ladies:
* Life does not end if we don’t have a man*
Life ends when we are Dead

Join me in a workout and forget about him for a while

Here is to getting sexy

Dress up in sexy sporty gear.
Oversize clothes will not encourage you to work out

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