Where is Justice?





I would like to open a discussion regarding the law against victims in this province..
I’m a 62 years old entrepaneure, looking to better myself, after China took over the fashion industry
along with my carrier that I gave 38 years to.


Followed by 8 years of creating and executing my brand
Working a demeaning profession, to finance it all without a penny borrowed.
Along came these thugs, who stocked me for over 6 years on all my social media sites.

They knew how to gain my trust, and at a dark period in my life, they came and sold me a bunch of lies and deceits although it sounded far fetched I took the bait.
I’m not stupid, …….I’m trusting and forgiving.
Here is where I leaned that forgiving is definitely overrated
They defrauded me last year for thousands of dollars.
They put me in debt and ruined my credit…Left me under a psychiatrist care,
not to mention my business is at a standstill.


To this day I’m being stocked and threatened, broke my car window .
by 600 lb. gorillas, because they expect retaliation. Yet hard as I try to get justice, it only gives them more strength to pursue a life of crime and devastation.

One day they can decide to put me out of my misery, without as much as a fingerprint.
How can I get justice when no one is listening to me..
The cops call this Civil…Go to court and get your money..
How will I get my life back, if I’m left dead in my apartment
I live alone.
I’m sleeping with the lights and music on If I can call this sleeping.
I need the media involved since there are thousand of innocent older people being dragged from association to another,
because the cops are to fuck’n lazy to investigate..
I have proof I have witnesses and I have no one to listen and comply.
You can reach me to discuss and perhaps collaborate on a topic that desperately needs front and centre attention.

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Where is Justice?