~~~When Creditors Come Calling~~

IMG_6733All I can say is that I had a few awesome orgasms
Ate some fantastic meals and had some of the most liberating sneezes of my life.
Nothing however can replace the feeling of liberating myself from debts.

Like most people on this planet, I was living  beyond my means..
Not because I had expensive taste or loved to shop..
I had everything I needed yet somehow I managed to get myself in deep shit.
I had a hard time getting myself out.

I am in possession of five credit cards.
From electronics to furniture shops
and the ever so popular Visa card..
“Yes they do take Visa”
The interest rate of these cards are a whopping 30%
Interest free for the first 12 months, but lets face it ‘we are never in a rush to pay’.
Without giving it a thought, we end up doubling our Statements.
Once we are locked into the debt, getting out is nearly impossible.

I must admit, at a certain point I wasn’t able to pay my rent let alone my credit card bills.

This is when the phone calls started.
My wake-up calls in the morning and my lullaby at night.
Worst than a nightmare, they were stressful and affected my health.
Credit card companies have a very strong and unapologetic way
to make sure we know we owe them money.
They know we don’t have it, yet they keep pounding on our brains like woodpeckers.
Those people are uneducated misfits who get a kick out of terrorizing and intimidating us.
All for a $1 a day salary.
They are trained to hound and possess our existence.
Yet they barely have food themselves.

Ironic Isn’t it?


Think about it
We work, do our best to keep our dignity and credit in tack.
When life gives us lemons, who is there to squeeze the juice?
The creditors!
They so eagerly indulged us in our moment of weakness.
Did we really need those shoes?
No matter how hard we will try to eliminate them
They are here to stay.
And when we die, they hound our kids.
Not sure what would be better, not having debts or not having kids.
It may seem comical.
Looking back at it all
I realize how gullible people are.

We have no reason to fear them.

~~~Letter to: MR. VISA PERSON~~~



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