~~~ What Happened to?~~~


I don’t consider myself a social outcast.
I love entertaining and being entertained..
When I was young I had lots of friends and nothing kept me from attending social functions.
Drifting from from boyfriend to marriage to boyfriend to marriage and so on,
I lost contact with every one from my past.
Occasionally I run into someone that I knew, and what can I say,
they are unrecognizable.
Over and over again I hear the phrase
You haven’t changed” – No I haven’t
The reason is, that I don’t let myself be bullied into being some one I am not,
nor that I want to be.
It’s not that I love myself, it’s that I want to keep loving…. period!.
Yes I gossip, yes I observe, yes I curse like a truck-driver
but I don’t dwell.
I move on and take my dignity and pride with me.

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JUST 2 Days Away ….and the WEATHER forecast is Sunny and 24 Degrees …Its time to Hit the R&R Terrace!
ITS TIME TO Get Together and Network!
WHEN : Monday, May 26, 2014
TIME: 17:30-19:30

COST: 30$ including Hors oeuvres & two drinks.
Cash bar After

I attended these social events to broaden my horizons.
The only thing I learned is that I’m better off taking the $30
and give it to a needy person.
I leave these meetings with a sower taste in my mouth from all the bullshit that is being served.
Not only the Hors D’oeuvers are the frozen kind
but so are the people that are attending.

The only luxurious thing about that meeting is the price.

What happened to fun and excitement?

What happened to loyalty and devotion?
What happened to friendship and passion?
They turned into Gucci bags and business cards.

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