~~Welcome to my Nightmare ~~

One thing that in my life is consistent is the way I trained my mind not to dwell on anything.
The magic is to leave, and never look back.
Its hard to do.
We want revenge, We want explanations.
It’s not enough to know they are not worthy of us, we want to shove it in their faces
Every one who wronged us, will keep the power over us ‘if’ we don’t recognize it.
Pain is self induced..The more we feel resent, the harder it will hurt.

Severe illnesses settle in.
Our faces turn ugly and we spew venom.
Best example is my mother.
Her hatred and jealousy turned her into a medicine cabinet.
And very unpleasant to look at.
Weather it’s physical or mental issues,
WE have the power to control it.


We are never exempted from problems.
Handling them is the hardest part.
The harder the battle, the more we are determined to win it.
Not every war was won, and not every enemy needs to die.
Put down your guns (aka) resentment, and find another country to rule?
*Your own*

This morning at 2 am, I hear a soft knock at my door.
I was sleeping on the couch.
Wrapped in my bath robe, I opened the door.
My next door neighbor, wearing rubber boots , holding an umbrella,
Pouring rain outside,
is  telling me to put on to my boots, and go get my car out of the garage.
So I did.
I didn’t need rubber boots, I needed a bathing suit.
A fuckn’ horror story.
Living in this building for the past 2 years has it’s awesomeness
but it has it’s Very dark side
Mainly a landlord from hell.
Not only he doesn’t care, but he is dam nasty about it as well.
Don’t get me wrong, some of our tenants are pigs.
Not only filthy but indifferent as well.

The rent is high, and the service is nil.

So I fight back in my own way.
This is an issue that will not be resolved in one day.
I could be upset and argue it, or chose to take it day by day.
I dressed up, put my ankle wights on, and went to get my coffee fix

2014-06-25 17.15.21

**  Moral of the story **

The universe always has a parking spot for us..All we must do is manifest it.

The universe always has a parking spot for us..All we must do is manifest it.

2014-06-25 20.06.11

Go about my life,
and let someone else pick up the shit 😉

  * * * * * *

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