The Price You Pay For Being Naive

Dear Mr Jeffrey Ducharme
It’s clear that you refuse to take responsibility for the injustice that has been brought upon me and my business.
If not for your involvement I would have never trusted my hard work and reputation in the hands of Magnitude studios. AKA Steven King
Due to my inability to judge the contract, (Although dabbed invalid), I tried endlessly to contact your office, and although I left a clear massage to your assistant (that she acknowledged upon my visit), requesting a returned call from Judith, that I never received.
I am alone and they knew they can take advantage, but the worst of it all is the fact that as president of WINK you have no need to clear this mess up.

They may have robed me…. but you sir raped me, by denying your involvement

I tried dozens of times to reach you.. I attended your open your open house end of last year
I dialed endlessly and no one was picking up the phone. I left messages no one called back.
I find it odd that a company with your stature has no live access to your staff.
Upon every visit from Steven Fils Amie and his accomplices, I was assured that the Wink staff was hard at work with my so dynamic projects..
As per proof received from Lorenzo.

I must admit that I stared to lose patience, since no one from your company asked to have a one on one meeting to discuss my projects …
As the links were presented, they were easing my doubts ..
Than they were magically erased….At that point I understood I was being scammed.

You wish to sweep me under the rug however, since you allowed Magnitude to (that you acknowledged you received,)…..It will be unjustified for you to wipe your hands clean of me .

A bit about Lu.
I’m a 62 year old unemployed woman who is doing her best to survive and create a brand that is unique and profitable.I spend years working at my craft, thousands of hours at the computer creating my designs, websites, and thousands of dollars on merchandise.What I do for a living to earn this money is beyond what you would want your mother to do, yet I don’t hesitate because I know my life has a purpose, that is to succeed with every hurdle that comes my way.
Wink Strategies along with Magnitude Studios, are a major bump on the road, but this too shall pass.

I was promised wide spread acknowledgement by Wink with links that magically disappeared.

okay I know its late but I got exciting news for usI’m listening
we’re gonna film an interview of Lucia Lehrer to help promote your show on the big launch. This coming week we’re finishing your first week of broadcast Editing. We’re getting publishing from both Wink and Universal (that means, we’ll have an interview that goes on the radio). We’re also launching with ads in the newspapers all across Montreal. And the entire street team that will go promote the show and put up posters and flyers for your events will all be seen in the Skyprint design. Not only that… but… hehehe, we’re getting access to a major recording studio in about 2 months to record the show with a TV-ish setup!

Aside for myself, another (will not name) innocent person who I was led to believe was part of your team, got in the line of fire..
This person lost his equipment since he was promised a substantial amount of money to video-shoot my shows.He invested in equipment that he could not afford otherwise. I gave Steven $1200 for what I was told goes to a Wink camera man who will be taping weekly shows of lunchwithlu.

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I,m not worried I made a 9K cheque to wink and explained to judith the situation and I even showed her the receipt to show her I had the money and it’s all cool

Okay the max I can take out from our magnitude account is 8k roughly. If you have 11.5k I’ll make the check for 19k to wink myself Sam and Tanya gave their approval and im pretty sure gonna make it all back on april

I sat and watched on Facebook and Instagram as they were flaunting my hard earned money on trips to Toronto, living the high life… and all along I was desperate trying to reach you..To no avail…

Steven haven’t seen anything yet 5000 is a lot of money.
You promised me new looseeloo websites a lot of things, yet nothing substantial to see. If you want more money I have to see what I’m paying for I don’t have anymore money I’m having a hard time to pay for what I borrowed..if you can’t wait than tell me now and we put the brakes on the deal. I feel cheated knowing you spend $600 on a dinner when I put myself in such a huge debt with my credit card. I’m sure that was part of the money I gave you
How my journey to detraction began.

From this.

2016-05-21 15.34.46
Steven Fils Amie is a media rat …running from one page to another by opening accounts all over the net.
He’s been hunting me down like an animal for years, Leaving me loving caring little messages on my You tube channel.

To this

Finally at my weakest point he swooped in for the kill.

Ingratiating themselves into my life Knowing well enough that I’m alone and defenceless.


Treating them with love and respect, seating them at my table, cooking and feeding them…meanwhile laughing at me behind my back.

To this.


To doubt and fear of what was unveiling.
To this

Forging a cheque and living my bank account in the minus.
Meanwhile denying it all, and blaming it on the bank for reading the app wrong.

To this

The only work they did, was a snow job on me.
Once they saw I wasn’t paying another dime they vanished from view.

To this
Steven King; what do you love more? The cum on your hands and mouth or the money ur clients pay you everyday for prostitution?

Unhide · July 18 at 5:54pm

Steven King; is that the bed you use to have sex with all of your clients? I bet business is getting slower and slower as you get older and fatter hahahaha
Unhide · July 18 at 5:53pm


Your’s Truly
Brought down but not yet defeated..

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