Mind over Matter

Often we feel ill and out of whack..Stress is no cause of eery ailments.
We feel pain in odd places and start getting mean and aggressive.
The question is are me mean because we are ill, or are we ill because we are mean..
Living with Obstacles
The Power of Suggestion is
Mother Natures’ Most Amazing Discovery..

This morning I received a phone call from the lab.
There was a cancellation, and I can have my ultrasound today at 4 in the afternoon.

After my mammogram, I received a call that there was an unclear spot on my right breast that needed further investigating.
An ultrasound was recommended and scheduled in two weeks.

For that duration, I lived with the knowledge that I might have to deal with some unpleasant news..
This was not an issue for me since I like to live my priorities not my uncertainties.
However, as the day progressed I started to feel pain and discomfort in my right breast.
Every gentle touch felt like I was electrocuted.

As time approached to leave my home, the pain started to become more intense..
I arrived at the clinic half hour ahead of time and less than 4 minutes I was in the lab.
I felt my heart was going to break out of my chest..
The technician walked in.It was a lady.
She had the kindest smile on her face. It immediately eased my consciousness..
Another woman walked in and gave me a friendly hello..This added more anxiety.
I smiled, laid on the table and raised my right arm and covered my eyes ….

As the cold gel was gently being spread on my breast, I became one with the Masters.
I felt a touch of heaven. A sense of peace covered my entire being
My mind started wondering at one of my best achievements of the day.
As the test was winding down I felt a power of healing that took place.

With a great relief on her face, the technician happily told me that everything was fine and I might want to cut down on caffeine..
I came home, prepared the most amazing salad, sat on the couch and shoveled  it down my throat.

Funny thing, all the pain I felt before the exam, has totally dissipated..
I wonder if the healing I felt at the lab. was heaven sent.

Eat right, work out and play some awesome music..


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