~ The joy of Independence ~


My life might not be the most fascinating.
But I guarantee, it’s one of the most

Most middle aged women who lose their jobs,
Get on board the pity train
and ride it to nowhere at an alarming speed.
After years of serving an ungrateful SOB,
he/she decide to down size.
What to do when we find ourselves in this predicament?
First step
We must Accept it, and
*Move On*
I know all too well, that my life as I lived it, is over.
Looking back, it wasn’t much there worth reliving anyway.
Therefore, my only choice of survival from this moment on,
is accept and
The next step
We must weigh the pros and cons of our predicament,
We must stop resenting the boss!
We  must be grateful they put us out of our misery
*Think about it*
*No more driving every day to a place, where you rather eat glass.
*No more Rosa!, to listen to every Fuck’n day, gossip non stop about people I never met.
*The ever so popular cunt, that blabs to the boss?
*So we have to suck up to her big fat ass.*
*No more taste of shit in my mouth!*
*The boss (dragon lady)
I had many thoughts of tripping her, as she was dashing by me,
with her 10″ stilettos.
This is what I was walking into for the last 3 years of my carrier
The bosses work place!
2008-10-30 17.24.05-4
These were MY con’s

Find yours and go from there
For the past 6 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to earn a great living
While being completely Independent
I am my own boss. 🙂
I wake up every morning at 6:30am Sharp.
On my way to the kitchen I turn on my computer
and search for an  uplifting song.
Viva la vida Loca

Join me in a little dance around the living room
Get off your feet and get going
Music is the best way to start the day.
It puts a bounce in our step, and a smile on our faces.

No one to answer too.
Did enough of that, to last me a life time.
Let me tell you amigos, there are some real bitches out there.
They have us by the balls.
We need to earn a living, and these freaks of nature know it.
Click me
Welcome to my Nightmare.
What do we do?
We suck it up in fear of losing our jobs.
They are not our salvation.

2012-05-11 06-26-22.659My idea of
Self employed
I take time to enjoy my yummy coffee, while my assistant and I go through the email
I get to absorb the joy of waking up pain free.
At my age I consider it a win win..
How can this be wrong?


Working for the BOSS

Step away from the chair and take care of yourself

Step away from the chair and take care of yourself

    BEING the boss 😉

Life might not be fair to you.

Just face the truth.

It’s YOUR life.


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