The Honor of Being a Mother

As a mother
After years of studying my cahracter,
I understand why my life took such a sad turn.
These are the outcome of my actions,
My boy Danny.
I raised a descent man, and for that I am proud!~
My idea of love, is totally different than what he envisioned.


As women, we must lean how to be mothers and ladies,
before we are wives or girlfriends..
But who is there to teach us?
After years of chasing after my uncertainties, I should have ,
‘YES’ I said should have been a more attentive mother.

I now realize why my son is so distant from me..Not because I wasn’t a good mother..
I just didn’t leave a good impression.
It’s not enough to give them everything they want,  we need to show them we are role models as well.
Most of us are not..We’re rough, aggressive, and very forgettable.
Or at least they wish they could forget us…I know ~ I wish I can forget mine.

I’m using my own experiences to show you how it should be done.
It’s late for me at this point, once this connection gets cut, it can never be repaired..
I lost the affection of my son,  just as I lost the affection towards my mother.

Ugly gestures we make in front of our children. The vulgar language, the masculine way we walk,
the misery we bring upon them, as if they were the cause of our misfortunes.
They mimic and repeat them throughout  their own lives, and eventually pass them on to the next generation.
No wonder some children end up depressed and suicidal. We have no idea how to take care of the obvious..Being memorable.
No one taught us, we learned it all and carried on from the generation before us..

In the past all we had to worry about is feed and clothes them..
Now we have to take them to every sport and class available, so we can show others how attentive we are to their education.
We rely on others to show them, and blame them for not doing a good job..
How infantile and immature of us to think that it’s someone else’ responsibility to educate our kids..

We pass the buck along with the responsibility, and we  have expectations..
How is a child to learn the meaning of true living,  if we are so busy ignoring the obvious..
We don’t know it ourselves.

Here is a sample of what I witnessed 

In a coffee house, I sat beside a woman. A 5 year old girl was strapped in her carriage.
All while, the young mother was busy yapping her brains out on the cell phone.

20 minutes into this, I felt my blood was starting to boil..
I went to my car and came back with a LOOSEELOO coloring kit.
I asked the lady if she would allow her daughter to sit with me and do some coloring.
Without leaving the phone conversation she vigorously unfastening her from the carriage..
Finally she can talk without interruption.

The little girl was quiet and very reserved..
She was shy and unresponsive.How can she be?
No one talks to her in a soft voice I’m sure of that.

1o minutes later the young mother got up still yapping on the phone, took the girl by the hand and put her back into the carriage..Without a thank you, she started to head for the door..It was hard for me to keep quiet at this point..I got up and in a sturdy voice I told her..”If you were my daughter I would make sure you didn’t get to keep this child..You are abusive, indifferent and don’t deserve the title MOTHER..
She hung up the phone and looked at me very shocked..
“How is it possible that you ignore this child for such a long time without giving her the time of day?”

We need to look at ourselves as ‘Role models’ and understand that we have an obligation to the world
And raise descent loving children that carry the descent carring genes forward..


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