~~~ Since You Asked ~~~

Welcome to my spacial guess star.
Miz V. Stiviano
Lets discuss your 15 minutes of fame.

What kind of person do ‘ I ‘ think you are?
Since you ask 😉
I like to be fair and accept that there are two sides to every coin

His & Her bullshit  *** vs ***  His & Her Denial

Depends which side that coin falls on.
* Head*
I’m sure she gave him quite a few.
he liked it 😉
Depends who you’re asking.
he was definitely, impressed 😉
Either way give her the 15 minutes.
She had to sleep with that asshole.
On one level
They deserve each other.
Two scumbags with a hunger for useless power.

Blend in his controlling wife.
We have drama.


One word of advice young stupid woman.
Who ever is coaching you will throw you udder a bridge.
If on your own, than you have no idea what is awaiting you.
If you get to adopt two kids, than there is no justice on this planet.

On a serious note,
We give her the attention she craves.
Why must we?!

Instead of feeding her ego,
Lets feed the hungry children, Lets teach the illiterate, and lets create jobs.

Lets make this fun and add your opinion

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