~~ Represent Yourself ~~

We must understand!
Rejection is part of this selfish ME ME world.

Why do we need to BE represented.
When we can DO it ourselves.

My routine as I remember, waking up every morning taking the bus and riding an hour each way to work.
On time , 7 am sharp!
Never missed a day, never came in late.
I was 14 years old and this how I spend my summer vacations, and weekends.
Juggling between Designing jewelery and mother’s helper.

At a very young age my mother said to me,
“I will buy you what you need, and you buy what you want.
I got it..I need to work for what I WANT!~
I really don’t get it.
If there are no job openings and unemployment is high,
Than how come hiring people is so difficult.
Every one wants to work but on their own terms and conditions.
And most intriguing, on their own time.
Sure!, and I will pay you on mine.
It’s time to take responsibility for what we send out into the public.
When you yawn, the polite and respectful thing to do is cover your mouths.
Teach them to jump in front of a door and keep it open for every one behind you.
Teach them that to gain respect, they need to earn it
Lets abolish the cookie cutter image, and reinvent

Welcome To
My mind

My struggles.

Most important
My Passion


Last but not least
Welcome to

Looking good shows self respect and discipline.
It shows we have what it takes to be leaders.
No matter what age and gender.

Need help to reinvent yourself.
Let me help you
I’m free and I’m effective.

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