~~~ Reality About Dating ~~~


Women have a hard time understanding that sex will not keep a man close.
He may love you,  and still be out there cheating.
Some even pay for it.

I know!

A word of advice, keep them on as long as you can.
Once he has you, no guarantee he’ll hang aroundThe-Power-of-Suggestion

Starting your fishing expedition
Start by creating a profile on every free dating site.
Than hang the worm on to the fishing  pole.
Important things to remember
Don’t check your email every day, you’ll seem desperate.
Take your time Responding
Create a profile that is the real you, not a dream that you envision.
Provide minimum information.
Present an aura of mystery and wonder.
* Don’t over load your page with useless blabbing about yourself *
You have time to bore him in person
Men get bored reading all that stuff, especially when you ramble on about yourself.
Non stop
Men are into looks, and than comes sex,
They are not interested in our life stories.
A man will return, if you keep your pants on, and turn on your charm.
They love the chase.
The pictures on your site should be of you, alone..
Never hold a glass of wine in your hands
Change your pictures, and your profile often.
They get to see you again, from a different angle.

What to look for on a first date?
An alarming amount of people on these dating sites are game players..
We need to be intelligent, vigilant, and understand that every one that contacts us,
might be a potential threat, not a soul mate.

Men can sense desperation in a woman, that can benefit their own needs.
From asking you for money which you so loyally give,
Or a place to stay until he and his ex sort out their mess.
We even sacrifice our own children’s well being, and move these scumbags into our homes.

When I was young, I believed that if I take a stray in my home,  he’ll compensate me with love and care.
It felt as though I jumped into the sewer with a spatula, and scraped the shit from the bottom..
I only got scammed and disillusioned.
What more do I need, to get the idea.?
If a  men is destitute, there is a reason.
It’s not up to us to take care of him.

Meeting someone can be fun and interesting. It all depends on how you want to live your experiences..
One man bluntly said to me on the phone, ” If I don’t want to fuck you, I don’t want to date you”
Undeniably women can be just as shallow and demanding as men.
Or just as needy and depending.
When we met, his first sentence was btw I want to fuck you..
“Not in this life time”. He was not fuckable in my eyes.

Although he was very interesting,  he had no manners, smelled bad,
and seemed intimidated by my presence.
I did make the best of that date. He had a great sense of humor and supper smart.
After a glass of wine he seemed even more interesting,
not enough for me to jump into any (Forever after thought).
We must observe  how he treats us on the first date.
If he doesn’t hold the chair, or open the door, (most men don’t).
This shows he has no self respect, and no class..

As women, we need to allow them to prove themselves and give them an opportunity to be gentlemen.
Some men may not meet our list requirements, yet they do have a certain charm.
Even if they don’t end up in our bed, we can keep them as friends..
They might open doors and teach us a different kind of feel good.
Not necessarily sexual

A handsome man may have the looks, but no idea how to make us feel good.
We are blinded by their charm and false sense of euphoria,
yet his presence leaves us with no memories.
A man needs to step out of his comfort zone to give a woman joy.
If he does not meet our requirements, we’ll  never have a real connection.
Eventually it will fizzle.

A profile on a dating site is your bate.
How you write it, is what fish you’ll catch
Although I get lots of responses.
None are worthy of getting out of my comfort zone to meet in person
I am clear in stating that a man needs to be physically fit..
It shows me self respect. It doesn’t make me shallow.
I am who I am and I need a partner that is similar to me.
Opposites do not attract they drive each other crazy
Dating is not my priority.
It’s nice to know however, that if I want it, I can get it  😉

This is my profile.

About me.
Independent, free spirit, determined, ambitious,
unpredictable, happy, nonjudgmental,
Super sexy, super intelligent, super creative,
I’m full of myself.
Full of confidence, full of ideas, full of life,

My needs and wants
I have all I need, I want to stay happy.

My likes
Live music, dancing, driving, romantic evenings,

My passion.
Writing, creating, executing.

My philosophy
Live my now without planing or wondering..
It all comes into place as its meant to be.
Being in a relationship is not my priority.
I’m an introvert though I do love being with people.

My quest
Meet a man that keeps me interested.
Non clingy yet thoughtful.
‘Fit’ and aware of his masculinity.

Your reward
If we click, it’s yours to discover.

Here are some ideas on how to make a men remember you

Lou_Back - Copy - Copy - Copy

If you have a social life..
You meet a lot of men
Sometimes we see someone and  feel intimidated.
You come home wondering what if?
Here is how you can give yourself a second chance.
Create an interesting business card with a casual, sexy, seductive smile,
All business cards look the same.
He’ll loose yours very fast..
Be memorable.

Keep them handy. If you see someone you like, check his ring finger,
He might be married but you will not know it unless he calls you.
Casually offer him a cards.
Smile..than walk away, and forget.
Whatever happens is your meant to be..


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Watch out babies I’m coming