My None Resolution

This year will mark the last of my sexy 50 something.
Everything till now was a blur.
I know I AM and that’s all there is..
Who I was or what I will be is irrelevant and unimportant.
I have no fears and no expectations.
I do what I do because it’s what makes me happy..
If I get disappointed it’s not important because it’s already done.
It never changes the outcome
I earn my living by doing what I LOVE! and I thank the Masters for giving me wisdom to do it…
I am GREAT at my craft whatever that is at that moment and will not attempt unless I go all the way..
Things I love to do, take time to attain so I put no limit nor a time line..
The end result will never end because there is no end..
I am grateful for last year.
I learned a lot about myself.
What you ask?..
I learned not to care and take things to heart.
I don’t except apologies because it doesn’t change what you did,
and I’m sure it will not change who you are.
I like to tell you how you made me feel and move on.
Not only feels good it also heals the wound.
No one cares about me, so I care about myself..The healthiest way to think.
Most people that befriended me on their social networks all have a price attached..
I’m not missing anything. I have all I need.
A brain, two hands and two gorgeous legs to stand on..
With that I wish every one to stop celebrating dates and time.
It’s all manufactured to make us spend money most of us don’t have..
Being happy is not an easy thing to do because happy is just a word.
Ask yourself .
‘What is happy and how do I stop searching and just enjoying what I have?”
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