~~ My 10 Rules of Blind Dating ~~


Since I gave up on the notion of searching for a man,
I became more aware of myself as a woman,
Not a desperate hunter
My passions are directed in much different directions..
It finally sank in
“There is a great life, after men”.

Play me
Do you believe in life after love?

 Most blind dates end up in disaster. It’s a given.
If we are lucky to meet someone we like, there is no guarantee they feel the same.
Dating is a past time, one that can be taken as a game and nothing more.

What ever the age, women have one thing on their mind, to meet the love of their lives.
We are busy joining dating sites and all other social media in the hope of trapping one that will physically leave his computer and come and meet us.

Immediately we put our guard up. By that I mean we become other people..
We do our best to impress, and for some reason, It doesn’t go past that first encounter.

You might be very beautiful, you might believe you have what it takes to make him want you.
Yet no call back…Leaving you wondering what’s wrong with him.
Ask yourself what you did, to make him forget you.

Men don’t go for fancy clothes, makeup and jewelery.
They go for a friendly smile and a great sense of humor.
A woman that doesn’t want to discuss his income and lifestyle…
They are not looking for model type, just classy and elegant.

#1~~~~Make sure that you and the picture he sees on line, is one and the-same
#2~~~~Never wear anything black….He will not distinguish you from the others.
#3~~~~Bring your own transportation, in case you have to leave on your own.
#4~~~~Insist on paying your own bill, so you don’t have feel obliged to put out.
#5~~~~Don’t drink too much alcohol, they start looking too good.
#6~~~~Let him do the talking, make it about him, not about you.
#7~~~~If you don’t feel a spark or that he is not into you, excuse yourself and walk out.
#8~~~~Don’t go to a restaurant. . Go to a place where you can have each-others attention.
#9~~~~Once it ends, forget he exists..If Its meant to be he’ll make the move.
You than have the choice to continue.
#10~~~The only way to make him remember you is to  “Smile with your eyes”.


My date from Hell

A bad date is nothing but a bad movie
Laugh at it and move on

   Dating Disasters

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