Letter to: MR. VISA PERSON

After losing my job..I had no savings and I was in debt.
I had an enormous visa bill, my car payments, rent.
Try to be descent and see how far it gets you.
October 15 2009
Living on credit is like living in hell. We don’t realize that there are chilling factors behind this manipulation..
Tactics that can take a person to the brink of depression..
My unforgettable personal experience with the visa credit department…
I now have more credit than I want to have, and every 6 months they keep increasing it by $5000 …
I will take them up on that offer when I am told I have 6 months to live..
I can’t tell you what to do, just sharing with you and letting you know how I live my obstacles.

As my unemployment benefits were coming to an end. I was slowly starting to fall into abyss.
The early morning calls were starting to bring me to the verge of despair.
I reluctantly went to my parents and asked them for financial aid. They were willing to give me $3000
With the stipulation that it will go towards one of my credit cards, and they had to go pay for it themselves.
At this point I am at the lowest level of life who am I do argue.
I decided to get rid of the Visa by offering them 51% of the bill to close the account.

Next time you want to live out of your means think again.
I faxed this letter to the collection department of CIBC center.



I am a 55 years old fashion designer.
Like so many of us in this industry, after 35 years of employment, I have no idea where my next meal is coming from.
At the present time, I am one unemployment check from welfare.
Even though my life as I knew it will forever change, I needed to do descent and moral thing, and respect my responsible spending and honor my bills.
Bankruptcy was never a choice for me. I want to move on with pride and dignity.
Swallow my pride, go to my parents, listen attentively to the speech, and borrow whatever I can, and close these accounts that are hounding and harassing  me day in day out.
I started with the largest amount I owe on my visa card. I wanted to make an offer of 51%  and close the account..
To proceed with my plan, I called costumer service at the CIBC visa center to get information about the procedure.
I was asked for the reason I have taken this decision.

For the thousand times during all my interrogations, I explained that I am looking for work or an investor to help me launch my collection, and I have no way of paying any bills at the moment and I am not sure if I’ll have a roof over my head next month.

I was told that my case will be reviewed by the head department, and I was going to be contacted and directed to the next step. ( that meant more humiliation).

22/10/ 2009, I received a call from a call-center.
A man with a foreign accent, mispronouncing my name,  straight forward and to the point,  “Why can’t you borrow money?, why are you not working?”… The usual humiliating questions that we all try to avoid.
These are very painful stories to rehash.
With Natzy like tactics, he kept bullying me.  Accusing me of being lazy, and a liar.
I told him I’m old enough to be his mother and that he needs to be kind and understanding.
His answer, “I don’t believe you are trying hard enough to find work otherwise you would be working”.
“Where are you calling me from?” I asked..His answer “I under no obligation to reply”

I told him that because of my dyer situation I am taking antidepressants.
His response, “Its not my problem it’s yours”
“Who the fuck is this monster?”,. You pay him to turn us into begging little cockroaches.

I was unable to control my temper during this interrogation.
Being bullied and harassed was taking me to places I was not ready to go.
I do have a foul mouth and I’m not afraid to use it as I see fit.
Because of what he calls my’ breakdown and lack of respect toward him!’, his decision was to punish me,
and on the spot denied my application.
A full payment of  $5808plus interest with in 10 days will be requested by post, than hung up on me.

MR.VISA PERSON~~~”Listen to the tapes you record for training purposes, than send him back to training camp.
Who trains these children?~~Harassment is not a carrier.

The reason I’m sending you my picture is to show you people that I am a real person, not just a number.
As you put on your boxing gloves, take a good look at the person you are bullying I weigh 120 lbs.
I can still fight you with my whit.

MR VISA PERSON…I have a suggestion for you.

“Why don’t you offer me his job? At least I have manners”.
I will treat ‘your’ parents with kindness and respect in their time of desperation.


You don’t train your staff to listen,  just bully, threaten, and humiliate.
All recordings are for training purposes only..I understand all rights reserved. (Smart)

After launching a complaint against him, I was told it will be under investigation.
Next day a young lady called from the Vancouver Branch, apologizing.
I sensed she was fighting back tears, however you train them to show no emotions. (sad)
She stated that after listening to the taped conversation, It was decided that indeed his behavior was less than professional and in fact I was assured!  he will re-enter their training program..
I guess these is the reason you charge 24% interest, so you can waist it on ignorance.

MR VISA PERSON,  ‘That kind of behavior you can’t re-train. This comes from hell.
These are the kind of people you want. Heartless and indifferent. Take no pity and keep them scared.”

The young lady than advised me that in order for my application be re-considered, I would have to make sure I was stripped of any kind of credit I still had.
Meaning, I will have to become a nothing.

MR.VISA PERSON, “If all else fails, I can always turn to prostitution, I’m nice looking;.
Why not make you rich bitches take care of me for a change?
Same time I can raise money and save your banks from such a tremendous loss, and get your bullies off my back”.

‘That dis-respectful voice on the phone with a foreign accent that constantly mispronounces my name, is not scaring me!
all you manage to do is “EMPOWER ME!”

This is what makes my self esteem raise as high as heaven. I tried doing my part with pride and dignity.
Your department heads are not very bright.

I apologize for spending some of my unemployment money to purchase materials to create, to try to better my situation. If I knew how badly it will hurt your situation I would have planned better.

For now if you wish to settle my account in am offering you $1500. First I need to find a lender.

I say to you now, as I said it to all the bullies you bestowed on me.
“My name is Lucia Lehrer, I am presently unemployed, I have no money, and no one to borrow from. I have every intention of paying you every cent. When? I have no idea. Mean time keep piling the interest, and so


I made an offer of 51% so I don’t have to file for bankruptcy. The only money visa would lose is the amount of interest its adding on daily basis.

You have requested that I send you all my bills and expenses, Than you can further humiliate and torture me.
As requested, here are my expenses.

At the present time I have no sort of income whatsoever.
My government  is honoring me with the sum of $700 per month if I apply to welfare.
After 35 years of helping yourselves to every tax, interest and whatever service fees you could rob me of..At least you can all justify your lavish lifestyles.
Everything I tried to achieve you were all behind it destroying every hope I sweat and worked for.

Here is my lavish lifestyle expenses.
Rent …………………   $850
Car…………………..    $300
Cable……………….     $100
HSBC card…………..   $738   (Payed in full)
Brick card…………..    $2000   (Payed in full)
Visa Card…………..     $5808   ( growing daily in interest)

After analyzing my situation, as I tried to be reasonable and settle the account in a polite and realistic manner.
I can’t in all consciousness lower myself to such humiliation you are forcing me to go through.
Therefore I will re-rout the $3000 I offered CIBC to settle the account.
I chose to close the two other accounts instead. This will remove two other bullies off my back..
This might also improve my credit score, With the leftover I will enjoy a good meal as well.

This leaves the CIBC situation up in the air.
At this time all I can say is “You have to do what you have to do”
I’m sure you will enjoy torturing me at every hour of the day.

A week later I received a phone call From the PRESIDENT of the department.

Keep your Credit in Tact.

If you care to share
@Lunch with Lu
I’m here for you

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