Is Age Just a Number?


I”m dedicating this blog in reference to a letter I received
concerning My Cougar segment on You tube.

First thing I must address,
I don’t consider myself a cougar.
By my own interpretation I am
A Seductress”
A Cougar is purposely chasing younger men.
I do not chase 😉
I attract.
A great encounter is one that
Excites, fulfills, and completes me at that moment.
A fond memory, that needs no further elongating.
The truth is,  ‘It can NEVER be duplicated.’
We must understand how needy we become when we cling on,
to the memory of our first encounter.

It should be all about what makes us
We are more desirable when we practice restrain
I can’t see myself dress up,  bra-less,  with french manicure and made up like a stage actress
going to clubs,sitting on a bar stool and posing as bate.
It’s not only making me feel desperate.
It’s about the competition.
I like to meet someone in a much more relaxed
and less competitive circumstance.

My single older lady friends, are desperately looking.
I was never included in their hunting activities.
My feelings were hurt when I knew they were going out on the town
and  never asked to join in.
I was told I  ‘Steal the spotlight”.
Took me a while to get it.
I was going out to be with friends, they were out looking for love>
Love finds us, if love is in our cards.
At any age.
 * * * *
Why people put themselves in a position to ‘be’ chosen?
When they can ‘do’ the choosing.
If we want someone we must attract them from a seductive point of view.
We are humans not animals
I hear this from all  genders that I meet on day to to day basis.

From young to old, from awesome to “Kill me now”
They all have the same problem.
We are either, ‘Crazy’ or ‘Desperate’.
There are beautiful women everywhere.
But looks are very deceiving.
Having a beautiful young man to desire me is a huge accomplishment
given my age.
However I must see it for what it is.
Just a “MEANT TO BE” that needs no further digging.
“He chose me above all the others”, is not only naive thinking,
it could end up to be a huge blow to my self esteem.
A cougar believes she is the hunter, but they have it all wrong.
Men are hunters, and whichever way we want to believe it,
they are the ones that are in control.
Otherwise why would a woman go through such length of putting on makeup
Shop for sexy lingerie, and all the frills, to impress him.
Does he care?
“Not really”. It’s only for the moment.
‘Why do you?’
A man will have us older women if we have money.
They will have us even if we don’t.
We have credit cards and this is just as good.
like to Dress them, Feed them, and Caress them

There is something demeaning and degrading about an old wrinkled woman
Who claws her way into a young mans pants.
A sexy woman  can seduce a man without pretending to be a tramp.
No matter at what age

Nothing wrong with thinking sexy.
Without thinking sex.
Men can use their hand.
They don’t need us for that
Once we make it sexual,  they turn their backs on us.

I am old fashion and even if it’s for one night,
I still believe the man needs to make the first move.
Attracting a younger man is easy if done with class.
Send him a sexy seductive tape.
Not a trashy one
Keep your clothes on.
Let him guess and fantasize.


Just got off the phone with Maria.
A nice looking 46 year old. We meet for coffee once in a while.
She has some great news to share with me.
She met this amazing guy. He’s 24 and he treats her like a queen.
How does a 24 year old treat a 46 year old like a queen.
Takes her to dinner, go for a long walks and is attentive to her needs.
What are her needs?
She is living with a man. They have no physical contact no affection towards each-other.
He pays all the bills, on top of it gives her spending money.
The only need she has is to be touched.
She is realistic, she knows her place and takes it for what it is..
A fling.

As a mother of a 33 year old, very handsome son,

I wouldn’t be able to respect a woman twice his age.
that makes a pass at him.

As far as meeting men
I have more choices than the average cougar
Men come to me because I know how to detach myself from their reality,
I am a short and sweet fantasy. One hour.
Until the next time.
They bring me flowers.
They tell me their problems.
I offer professional massage to men, without the sexual and emotional baggage.
They rather pay me for one hour of my time, than going out with different women.
This is what it’s all about.
Young men want us older women because we know how to keep our distance.
We are safe because we are independent.

How many of these cougar marriages lasted to this day?
A cougar forgets who she is, and tries way to hard to stay young.
By that I mean, she acts stupid and immature.
If a man likes our maturity, we should keep being who we are.
At least we don’t lose our self respect.
Nothing is a bigger turn off to a man than a woman who acts.

My take on AGE ?
As long as it’s classy and respectful

 I chose to post this letter from a young men
Who asked the million dollar question.

Hi Lu
I am a 31 year man from London. I also date older woman .
I have been watching your videos, You look amazing,. Keep making your videos and sharing your world with people.
My girlfriend is 49 and she’s means a lot to me. What’s your thoughts on age gap relationships?
Sometimes i think older people don’t want emotional attachment as they get older. Why is that?
ps If every woman had your energy , The world would be simple I think

Hi Matthew.
Thank you for watching.
I’m glad to be here for you.
I hope you’ll be able to accept my truth and understand it as reality.
The only reason I can give you advice is because I am living this dilemma as well.
He’s 32, I am 59..
The age gap is way to high for you to think of this as a permanent relationship.
As for me, I don’t want the emotional attachment because I’m realistic.
Being a much older woman, I’m flattered to be desired, and yet I know it can’t be permanent.
The age difference is a major fear that we ‘will’ get attached. That’s the reason we stay neutral.
We can do without the pain that can follow.
It’s called ‘Experience’.
You might not like to hear it, but you need to find someone closer to your age.
Someone that you have a lot in commune with. The odds are better for a happy union.
An older woman often comes with a heavy past and she might not feel comfortable to leash it on you.
Keep listening. and best of luck.
An email form my boy toy
I had a idea. Lets have a night or day or morning of fun….
but u always promised another woman with us.
As a gift for u providing that I will provide u with a nice fabulous massage. Both of us on u:)
My reply

Didn’t always promise. It was a one time and you stood us up..
U need to get over that notion.
I’m too selfish and don’t want to share u.
* * *
Truth be told, I find him selfish and self serving
not looking forward to see him anymore.
No matter how young and good looking he may be.
It’s not his age, it’s his indifference.

I ask him, how he would respond to this question.

I know it’s hard for you to keep your mind out of the gutter. that’s my cross to bear.
I do have other interests aside from you..
Would you be interested in responding to his question? please.
What is your view on this subject, and how do you believe I responded.
take your time and make it interesting.
I want the ‘smart’ Eric back.
His response
Here is my answer for him. Age is just a number
“How much more interesting can his reply be?”
A lot more… He’s  just indifferent.
Age is not a number …………..Its experience 😉
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