~ How to get a workout at your desk ~

I would like to introduce myself.
I’m not on a mission to sell.
Please read on, since there is no money involved,
just your compassion and your sense of good judgement.

I’m a certified and licensed massage therapist

And full time entrepreneur.
Self Branding takes a major part of my everyday life.

 I treat 1-5  clients per day.
The rest of my day 8-10 hours, I spend in front of the computer.
Editing, taping and just looking to find ways of making an impact.
I take my mission very seriously,
therefore I face a lot of frustration and stress.
Once I allow my grievances get to me,
I feel unable to think and focus on my work.
I noticed that I waist time feeling sluggish and absolutely useless.
The only way I can cope is by listening to music, accompanied by some-kind of workout.

This brings me to the reason I am approaching you.

100% of my clients are men.
90% are both physically & mentally, totally burned out.
10% are pigs  (Hope you have a sense of humor)
I was sponsored by Jean Coutu Pharmacies.
And I’ve been offered free advertizement on their note pad.
They were placed in four JC establishments in Ville St Laurent.
That’s quite an accomplishment.


I take my craft very seriously.
By studying my clients stress levels against my own as I sit at my computer trying to work,
I  understood and learned how I can relive some of the tension, and still be close to my desk.

From young to old and any gender, we all have one thing in commune.
After a certain amount of time in front of this screen,
We lose clarity.
Imagine sitting all day staring at that color.
This is how we start seeing things after hours of sitting in this motionless position .
Once we get amerced in our work, we loose  track of time.
Our shoulders sag and our bodies start to feel stiff and soar.
Once the pain and stress set in, we lose focus.
The brain drowns in negativity, and we lose the ability to give 100% of who we are.

A lot of stress related incidences causes loss in productivity,
and useless mistakes are being made.

My Free suggestion on how to create a better environment at work
Is available on my You Tube. channel.

The music alone is design to get our mind into a happier place.
No need to get up, no need for a change of clothes, and no need to take a shower.
It’s 4 minutes of pure ‘My time to replenish”
These workouts are targeted  not only to take a ‘Mind cleansing” break ,
it also helps to reshape our belly, thighs, shoulders
and most important the sense of being appreciated.
I call my program
**Sit and Belly fit**
No pills, no powders no system that can break our budget with false dreams.
Here are other suggestion I recommend.
If your budget allows.
You can gift your office with a few very affordable under the desk equipment
that can be used, and alternate between the staff.


A total of $150 worth of motivation.
You can’t go wrong.
Living close to the airport and to a major hospital my clients range
from air traffic controllers to pilots and very honored to say doctors as well.
Golf players and sport oriented people.
I know what I’m doing and I know how effective my program is.
A 5-10 minute break every two hours is the difference between
Working and Creating.
Ask yourself, ‘What are your expectations from your employees?”
and how can you ensure they will meet them”
Here are some other ideas on how you can ensure a happy work environment.

  1. Every Monday, create a lunch workout of Sit & Belly-fit.
    A great start to the week, and something to look forward to as a member of your staff.
    2. Every two hours blast some awesome music on the loud speakers
    and ask your staff to do some kind of workout at their desk.

    3. Introduce a Potluck every Friday involving veggie dishes.
    Carb and deary free meals.
    4. Power-walks before the day begins.
    Once a week, organize a half hour activity outside the office.
    Have your staff come in 35 minutes early and start a walking trend.
    They will get addicted.
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