Most Theft Victims are Old Women who are Alone and Vulnerable as I am.

75% of thieves are people we already know..
They come to us with a smile, and kind words.


A lot of us women are abandoned by our children, we are left to care for old ungrateful mothers, and all we want is someone to care for us even if is costs us money..After all, once there is a price-tag, we should be wise enough to ask questions..But we don’t we just give….. we want to be adored and appreciated..
In my case not only I knew him, I had a very bad experience 6 years ago..Our previous encounter left me over $5000 poorer and a broken front door..
Being a public person, this young man (25), followed my every move and every step I made since the last time we had seen each-other march 2010.

He left subtle messages on my You Tube tapes, and at my most vulnerable time, he swooped in for the kill.
With a smiley face and a very profound apology of his past behavior, his wish was to make it up to me, if it took the rest of his life to do it..

Being alone with no guidance and desperate to get my brand out, I had the power in me to forgive the past, and look onto the future.
YES I did keep all emails..they come in very handy in a CRIMINAL case

I forked over over $7000 on a bogus contract, and worst, I co-signed for a car. …In 5 months he has not made one payment.
Yet, he boasts that it’s his hard earned money that got him this far….A total Sociopath ..a liar a thieve and a manipulator.

It’s hard for me to eradicate this from my record, and my credit that I worked so hard to keep clean, is completely destroyed..
But after all isn’t that what they come to you for?  to destroy you.?
I’m asked why did I do it..Because my need for acceptance is greater than my need to mistrust and doubt.

Question- Are we going to stay on the side lines and play victims?,  or prove to them that they are so beneath us and that we will prevail.
For reasons that I am being followed till the day I die, I will not divulge too much information,
but as things progress I will let you know how I am pursuing this matter.

One thing I have to let you all in, make sure,  you have pictures…save every email and every transaction.
Keep a record of every one you meet through them and most important give the information to your local church or synagogue.

In my case, 6 years ago he broke  into my apartment in the middle of the night,
Since there were no cameras in front of my door and no witnesses, the police could not press any charges.
Even though he denies doing it,  he claims he knows know who did..It’s great evidence and [proof that we knew each other before..
He could say he never met me prior, but this piece of evidence is crucial to my case.

YES! I have that confession on tape, as well as on the hundreds of texts That I had saved.

Last week I was stopped for running a stop sign and a yellow light. The police woman saw I was crying and distraught, after checking my spotless driving record, she only gave me a misdemeanor for not signing my registration. With uncontrollably tears asked her “How come the victims are set aside while the criminal have all the advantages?  Her response, “I don’t know mam I”m not working on your case”
Truth is no one is…I am tossed aside like I don’t exist, meanwhile the perpetrators know all too well that nothing will be dome and he continues on his crime spree

However she did find that I have a Braking and Entering charge as far as 6 years ago..
WOW I realized at that moment  the $100 ticket she gave me was worth every penny..PRICELESS INFORMATION.

A master manipulator can lie about ever knowing you,  or persuade anyone that  his intentions were good, but it was us who made them do this with our radical behavior..
He phrased me to my face… how amazing I am,  meanwhile laughing behind my back , telling people I was crazy.

Upon our so called business demise I checked into all his claims yet nothing he said he did was valid.
No bookings, Events, No photographer, No models…Nothing but empty words and lies

In the contract he implemented a well known award winning  company who was supposed to take my project to the next level.
Imagine the joy of having them represent my brand.
I fell for it hook line and sinker..

How can I not,
As he was pouring all this on my lap?

..Screenshot_2016-02-01-00-31-37 Screenshot_2016-02-01-16-05-31

Screenshot_2016-02-01-15-57-17Upon my investigation,  they never heard of me, and not one penny was given to them on my behalf

The president of Wink did admit to me that he had them under working contract and once he realized he said too much at this point he is ignoring me as well.
How can a victim get any justice, when everyone is sweeping us under the rug?

Things are coming together.
I have installed a camera with a clear view of my door so if they will attempt this again there will be clear cut evidence
If you are a victim and wish to share your experience please inbox me your story,
it and I’ll try my best to help your case as well. The more we speak out loud, the better chance we have to win.
They thrive in the knowledge that they will not pay for their crimes, and they will move on to other victims and leave devastation and pain behind, while they thrive in false glory.

Destroyed and begging for mercy, but nothing fades them


Imagine knowing you are about to loose everything and you feel helpless..
Imagine being at the mercy of thugs with no morals and no feelings.
Imagine finding out days later that you’re trust and intuition was spot on.
Imagine after all this, you are being charged with harassment and in need to defend yourself.
Imagine the pain and depression I’m going though
Imagine being trapped in your home in fear of not knowing what you’ll come back to.
Imagine how life can turn on the bad side just because you are alone and defenseless.
Imagine how badly I want revenge.
Imagine that there is nothing that will stop me for getting justice.
Imagine knowing that you are constantly under their radar.


This morning I received a call from a police woman letting me know that Mr Steven Fils Amie has filed harassment charges against me and that I will need a lawyer.
Left alone to fend for myself, I want to know why Is this criminal given any attention by the police.,,,her answer..”This is the Law”

I gave her my file number and the prosecutor will determine weather his complain has any merit.

I guess I’m left alone in my quest for justice..Or am I?


Debra Northcross

This is true. Revenge on another is not good. Justice on the other hand is good your doing it the right way and the way I see it , it’s a win win. Whether you win or not you took that next step to put the person or business out there for people to see. People who hurts another ON PURPOSE usually is the one who gets hurt in the end.,Don’t give up.


Fiorella Rose I completely agree with you 100%. Everyone deserves justice. …You can report yet nothing is done.

Lunch with Lu
Lunch with Lu It’s important to be persistent. And there are always loopholes that bring results. He left me a trail of evidence.
A smart thieve knows that nothing is done but with persistence and the right tools, I found their weakest link.

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