Some of the most amazing ideas come from observing children at play.
Though me research, one very interesting thing I have found is that children love to work.
Give then a toy, and a vacuum cleaner, they will choose the vacuum any day.

Why? …. Simple.
They wish to please us. They like to show us how reliable and worthy they are.
We tend to do for them, instead of allowing them to show us what they are capable of doing on their own.
No one is perfect and we don’t need to emphasize their mistakes but phrase their accomplishments.

I Created these games with such intention in mind.
To make them think and realize on their own that any difficulty in life can be solved,
if they practice patience and tolerance.

One of the more distinguished features to these games,
are the hand gestures that teach sign language to any one who learns the alphabet.
Communication is key, and words are the links that bind us all.

Some can only hear, where others can only see,
Through sign language every one can now communicate.

The idea is to start teaching our young children with love and respect in their hearts.
As you can see, all characters of  looseeloo have one thing in commune,
their mouths are in the shape of hearts.
These games ar available to you through My Etzy

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.




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