Don’t Drink and Drive


Someone I know became victim to alcohol abuse.
She lost the love of her life.
Poor judgement.

I Dedicate this to ..

In my mind

In my mind you love me
In my mind you care.

I open my eyes I look around
Reality hit m,e you’re not there.

In my mind your arm surrounds my shoulder
Ever so loving and tight.

I open my eyes I looked around
Another lonely night

Your scent is overwhelming
I’m burning with desire

I open my eyes I look around
My heart burst into fire

If only I would have listened
If only I would have stopped

If only the wine glass I was clutching
somehow would have dropped.

If only I took a taxi and left my car somewhere
I would open my eyes and You would still be there.

All I’m facing now are lonely sleepless nights.
Filled with guilt and shame

My hopes and dreams are shattered.
I am the one to blame.

In my mind… you love me
In my mind… you care.


Drinking and driving will kill your spirit
If you care to share
@Lunch with Lu
I’m here for you

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