Creating my Own Lunchwithlu Empire


During the past 5 years that I worked very hard at reinventing myself,
I encountered more obstacles than I believed were possible.
Everything from discouraging words to insults and put downs
From young to old,
they all come along with a bag full of opinions, and criticism,
No one opens a door or a wallet to collaborate.
Every one has an agenda.
But helping others, isn’t one of them.
I believed and  I trusted.
I cried, I got very depressed, but I never considered giving up.

The saddest part about being a giving person, is that often I find myself alone.
Passion and dedication alienates me from the world,
It takes real conviction to stick to what I believe in, no matter what is thrown at me.
Otherwise I see no reason to be.
Lessons learned
“How to build an empire out of sweat, tears, and lots of humiliation.
First and most important lesson
Best person for the job, is and will always be me.
I know what I want, I need to focus on where it’s going.
And it’s up to me to get it there.

I read on someones’ Facebook page that
“We can’t do it alone”.
Same person,  rejected my request of a meeting, before I had a chance to pitch my idea
He’s not doing it alone, so why should I matter to him’.

As much shit that’s being thrown in my face,
I sill believe I have something special
Am I that unworthy?
I’m better than that.

One thing is very clear.
The world is ruled by selfishness.
Very sad

Lesson number two.
I take no crap from any one.
When you make me feel disrespected I will let you know.
And that you can all count on.

My emails are full of excuses and quotas.
People email me prices without knowing what the project entails
No one likes to conduct business in person, nor get out of their comfort zone.
No one likes to commit.
Every dollar I spend, was a lesson learned.
Best of all, it showed me how to do it myself and that I can do it.

Often I found that after enclosing the 50% down payment, the stories change.
Not only the deadline gets pushed to the curb, I also have to pay for every correction I need done.
If you can’t get it right the first time, it’s your responsibility to do so
no matter how long it takes.
It shows lack of commitment and responsibility.

People complain that they have no work, and when work is offered they are busy.
I’m a little mixed up and very confused.
If a person is collecting welfare, why do they need a cell phone? and how can they afford it?

* * *

Often I heard that I need to stick to one idea and go with that.
If this was the case, I would have been discouraged long ago
and never would have achieved all that I have to this day.

Becoming a cereal entrepreneur is meant for the visionary.
Not once in the entire process, have I ever thought of how rich or how famous I want to become
It’s all about, how I can make a difference.
How can my inventions not only be useful, but how it can create jobs.

After all,  if people don’t work they don’t make money
How can they afford to purchase my product or someone ales for that matter.


My first project
It all started innocently with a man’s dream of covering the bra strap.
He approached me with a million dollar idea.
How can we make a decorative strap that will wrap around another strap?
Basically he wanted to cover the cami and bra strap, to make it into one beautiful accessory.
I want to call it “The Strap Wrap” he said.
After intense research  I came up with an awesome concept.
All it needed someone to make it to the next level.
It turned out to be a total bust.
No surprise, the hole project fell through simply because he had no plan.
My first encounter with failure was when he pulled out without any explanation.
I was dumb founded and completely devastated.
Couldn’t wrap my head around it.
After spending over $10.000 on a useless website,  lawyers and other frivolous things
he realized that the had no direction.

I became very intrigued with the idea since it made such perfect sense.
And I wanted to continue and turn it into something that has never been done before.
The world is infested with jewellery.
How can I create mine to make an impact or a difference for that matter?


**Clip on Accessories**
During the five year process, I realized that NO one will even grant me an interview
let alone an association.
I often send links, only to be immediately responded with an automated rejection note.
Not for the lack of trying, simply no one cares about others.

Here is an example


Took time  to coordinate a descent email
Why take time and meet with me,
when you can sit on your high horse and treat me like a nobody

Less than a minute upon sending it, I noticed an email arrived.
I thought it didn’t get trough.

Subject: RE: Website links
From: Corinne Grise-Leclair <>
Date: Thu, July 10, 2014 8:46 am
To: “
Hello Lucia,
Thank you for the below and also to consider Abe & Mary’s as one of your potential point of sale.
Unfortunately, it is not in line with the direction we are going for this season.
I wish you the very best with your collection.
Warm Regards,

My response
Sad to see how little consideration you gave to the project.
Without giving it a proper look.

I face these rude and indifferent rejections often.
How can I take this personal when, they don’t even bother to look at the site?
I know I have an awesome product.

In 2010 I get the idea of how I would like to distribute my collection with minimum expense
And create a happy environment .

From This




After wasting thousands of dollars on promises lies and attitudes,
I found out that I can do it myself
My way.

To Infinity ...

While seeking information on how to get my T shirts printed
I’m close to getting a heart attack.
All I want is a printed Sample collection of my Tees
How can I show it If I have no product to show?

I leave massages not one person calls back,
I place orders not one person delivers.
YOU are all a joke to me.

from:          Lucia Lehrer  <>
  Hi My name is Lucia.

I’m looking to expand and create my brand.

From T shirts, to children’s games.

There are a few items that I would like to develop.
I would like to meet with Domenico and see how we can collaborate in helping me with this project.
Thank you.
His response
Thank you for the inquire. sent in you request and il gladly send you a quota.
He is not in China he is 5 a minute drive away from me.
A meeting face to face would have been so much more respectful.
I’m sure he text me back while driving.
How can one conduct business from the middle of the highway?
I did respond, however I don’t think he’ll ever welcome me in his shop..;)
Truth is, I don’t want to deal with these kind of people.
They are useless and very ordinary.

A  president of a printing company whom I had a meeting with, had no time to greet me.

After waiting over 20 minutes for someone to show up,
He send one of his employees to take care of me.

Here is how I left the encounter..


A Nike rep would have been offered a coffee at least.

And here is how I’m dealing with these encounters.
I’ll keep my money,
I’ll create my art work, and look to open my own printing lab.

By accidentally pressing the wrong key, I discovered how to edit and create.
A task that I payed for, in sweat, time and money losses, not to mention a lot of frustration.
I designed and created my logo..
No more begging, no more doubting.

And more important no more waiting for empty promises.

Currently I’m creating my banner.
Still a work in progress, but I promise to keep you posted

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Instead of finding excuses to give up.
Find your passion to keep on going

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