It all Starts with a Happy Face.

Nothing is more despicable than sitting someone down for a meal you prepare with love and hope…. Only to get robbed blind and treated like garbage. Trust is a word that is often thrown around without any merit. YOU… pray on those who believe in you.. although nothing you say turns out to be true YOU steal,…YOU lie… YOU falsify…… ... Read More »

  Dear Lu I admire you for having the courage to leave your marriage and pursue your own life. I knew my husband since high-school and although some might consider that I married my high school sweetheart, it was not a sweet marriage by any means. In those days if we were over 25 and not married we would consider ... Read More »

Suicide not the answer

SUICIDE A very touchy subject. One that I contemplated a few times in my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s been a while that I wrote in my blog. Not because I had nothing to say, I had no idea how to say it. I have major issues to work out and at times the pain is so overwhelming that I feel lost ... Read More »

~~ What is Fear ~~?

      As we approach a certain age, it seems our fears are getting stronger and more frequent. What are we afraid of? Being alone, dying alone, getting old and no one wants us. Fear of abandonment is the number one reason for depression among the older generation..My generation. The internet is providing us with entertainment, connections, and sometimes love. ... Read More »

What Comes After 60 ?

** 61 ** Hopefully ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now that I’m turning 60, the provincial government is enticing me with an early retirement plan. Looks like I’ll be doing well. I finally have something better than my mother.. A much LARGER!, retirement benefit. .. Her dying wish is to keep her money till the end. I want to respect her wish and be ... Read More »

~~~ What Happened to?~~~

I don’t consider myself a social outcast. I love entertaining and being entertained.. When I was young I had lots of friends and nothing kept me from attending social functions. Drifting from from boyfriend to marriage to boyfriend to marriage and so on, I lost contact with every one from my past. Occasionally I run into someone that I knew, ... Read More »