Thought of the Day

5 Positive Ways to Face Rejection

Rejection is part of our daily life. It becomes clearer as we grow older that we can’t be accepted by every one. Rejection is one of the most painful and powerful  feelings we experience. It triggers characteristics in us we can’t control.. These characteristics make us undesirable, unlovable, and definitely not a success maker. These feelings are imbedded in us ... Read More »

Letter to: MR. VISA PERSON

  After losing my job..I had no savings and I was in debt. I had an enormous visa bill, my car payments, rent. Try to be descent and see how far it gets you. October 15 2009 Living on credit is like living in hell. We don’t realize that there are chilling factors behind this manipulation.. Tactics that can take ... Read More »

Where Has Humanity gone to?

Some people suck the fun out of our lives..They can take all our joy and turn it into shit, simlpy by being. On this day 10/12/2013,  I delivered 20 bags to the Montreal Children’s hospital. Prior to my commitment, I met the lady in charge of the gift  collection department. Marie France. Right away It was clear that my language ... Read More »

Dinner on the go.

I don’t get all these daytime talk shows. They bring a fancy chef  to cook instant beautiful dishes in quick and easy steps. OK! People that watch these show have long time beat your system. They came up with a much faster, much quicker way to prepare dinner. It’s called takeout… Here is my story.     Read More »

~~ The Joy and Pain of Motherhood ~~

How many mothers are left with memories of their little son. By abandonment, death, or any other heart breaking way. I didn’t know how to be a mother, I just winged it. How many of us can say the same thing? If we are honest with our selves we would understand that we contributed to everything we got… All we ... Read More »

Nothing will change the outcome.

  When we are young we have the hope that by changing our appearance it will improve and determine our path in life. So here it is in a nutshell. As my I turned 21 all I wanted was to reinvent myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wanted to fix my nose. It was the joke of all the teens in school. Funny, ... Read More »