Thought of the Day


I stumbled upon this list on face book.. After carefully studying “His Rules’ I believe this list is not only accurate, It’s a lesson learned to every woman who wants to take over the household. My advice is, “Do it yourself, and leave your man be” If you want a man, to let the world know you have one?, Than ... Read More »

~~ My Sad Memories ~~

People often tell me how lucky I am to have both parents still alive. Having parents and having and home are two different things. I didn’t have any. I just had a room. At 16 I had my first boyfriend..He was my first love and the first boy I had intimate experience with.. We were each others first, and I ... Read More »

~~Mirror Mirror on the Wall~~

There is no end to how many excuses we can find That keeps us from taking care of our appearances I hear them all I have given some myself    The truth is we are lazy and unhappy. Our friend is food… Mirror mirror on the wall It’s time to get off this bouncing ball My weight goes up my ... Read More »

Shopping for a Dream? 10 ways to Save Money

************************** Who ever invented the  phrase  “It’s the new”, obviously had some marketing ideas in mind that made him/her very wealthy. The only way we can attain the new, is to go out and buy it.. Get your credit cards ready, and lets go shopping. *Need a new new pair of boobs? $5000~~ *Cut our faces and pull the wrinkles? ... Read More »

We Need to Brake The Selfish Chain

How far am I willing to go to make my point? Is it about success or is it about the principal? If I envision myself  as a success, than I’m definitely making a point. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Going to extremes is the norm for me. I am willing to suffer humiliation, deceit, even great financial losses to make that unattainable come to ... Read More »

Mother, is Only a Name

With a broken soul and a heavy heart, I’m writing this today. All the  A to Z reasons, why I have to stay away It’s not that I don’t love you, It’s not that I don’t care. Your constant putdowns and displeasure of me, are more than I can bare Everything I have ever done, was never good enough You ... Read More »

My None Resolution

This year will mark the last of my sexy 50 something. Everything till now was a blur. I know I AM and that’s all there is.. Who I was or what I will be is irrelevant and unimportant. I have no fears and no expectations. I do what I do because it’s what makes me happy.. If I get disappointed ... Read More »

~~Happily Ever After, What?~~

As a survey I asked different people, of different ages and sexes, what is their idea of  “Happily ever after”.  Each and every one, included a partnership.  A love story, a vision of a fairytale One that has all the elements of a dream more than a reality. Hence the word happy. .We are conditioned to receive happiness from another ... Read More »

Women Fight for their Rights.

The sad truth is that a lot of women are portrait as ignorant Some become laughing stock of the late night circuit.. Pictured in trashy magazines, as villains or crazy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Large corporations hide their guilt behind powerful lawyers who at $550 per hour, will do their best to fight your case. Do they believe in the truth~ Does that ... Read More »