Thought of the Day

~~ Represent Yourself ~~

We must understand! Rejection is part of this selfish ME ME world. Why do we need to BE represented. When we can DO it ourselves. FREE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My routine as I remember, waking up every morning taking the bus and riding an hour each way to work. On time , 7 am sharp! Never missed a day, never came in ... Read More »

~~~If I Were Your Boss~~

A few weeks ago I was approached by a former colleague. She offered me a part time pattern making position. I was not thrilled to get back in that glorious world of the “Shmata” But its good to get out once in a while, so I accepted the job. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are two sides to every coin. The good side, ... Read More »

A sad ending to a sad life ~Amanda ~Her Story~

For years, I’m tormented by this life changing event. How is it possible to have so much drama andĀ  tragedy within the walls of our surroundings. And not wonder ‘How can we change the course of our existence’? This is where the phrase ‘What if’ Was superficially created. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We can’t change the course of what was . IT WASĀ  ... Read More »

~ The joy of Independence ~

************** My life might not be the most fascinating. But I guarantee, it’s one of the most Uplifting.. Most middle aged women who lose their jobs, Get on board the pity train and ride it to nowhere at an alarming speed. After years of serving an ungrateful SOB, he/she decide to down size. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What to do when we find ... Read More »

How to Create A site like Mine

First and foremost thank you for the awesome response on my site. I’m happy to know that my time and effort is being appreciated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m often asked how I created this site and is it difficult to operate. The combination of YOU TUBE and blogging is what makes my journey so fantastic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTRODUCING THE TEAM BEHIND LUNCH WITH ... Read More »

Since you asked ~~ What is “YoYo Loving”? ~~~

  Here is something I never heard beforeĀ  šŸ˜‰ “I love himĀ  he’s my everything”. “I hate him!!~~I hope he drops dead” “Why can’t he love me the way that I love him?” “Oh God please make him come back to me, my life is nothing without him! :(“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After we finally manage to lure him back, the sex ... Read More »