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Where is Justice?

SIT DOWN AND ENJOY YOUR LUNCH… I would like to open a discussion regarding the law against victims in this province.. I’m a 62 years old entrepaneure, looking to better myself, after China took over the fashion industry along with my carrier that I gave 38 years to.   Followed by 8 years of creating and executing ... Read More »

~ How to get a workout at your desk ~

I would like to introduce myself. I’m not on a mission to sell. Please read on, since there is no money involved, just your compassion and your sense of good judgement. I’m a certified and licensed massage therapist And full time entrepreneur. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Self Branding takes a major part of my everyday life.  I treat 1-5  clients per day. The ... Read More »


I stumbled upon this list on face book.. After carefully studying “His Rules’ I believe this list is not only accurate, It’s a lesson learned to every woman who wants to take over the household. My advice is, “Do it yourself, and leave your man be” If you want a man, to let the world know you have one?, Than ... Read More »