For Ladies

~~ My 10 Rules of Blind Dating ~~

Since I gave up on the notion of searching for a man, I became more aware of myself as a woman, Not a desperate hunter My passions are directed in much different directions.. It finally sank in “There is a great life, after men”. Play me Do you believe in life after love?  Most blind dates end up in disaster. ... Read More »

~~ Why did he Leave You? ~~

Lets face it ladies.. We did all we could to make this man stay with us. We take care of our bodies, get fat, depressed, happy, Whatever we do to ourselves,  we make it to be about him. I’m sure. How many times do we hear “Yeah but my husband”, My boyfriend, my whoever he is in your life. What ... Read More »

A Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body

As a certified massage-therapist, the most commune complains people have are, back,shoulder and neck pain. Bad posture can create a lot of discomfort, and worst, poor mind performance. It makes us moody and miserable. A healthy body IS a healthy mind. A sit down job can create a lot of damage to your health if we don’t take time to ... Read More »

My Pledge of Love

                                                                                                         A little girl went  to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar          from its hiding place in the closet.  She poured the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Three times, even.. The total added to be exactly perfect… No chance here for mistakes.. Carefully placing the  coins back in the jar ... Read More »

Music is our Peace of Mind

I would like to say that I practice what I preach, At times I get so wound up, I don’t like who I see in the mirror.  The only way I can get the anger out of my system is by keeping my mind occupied and by exercising.. Get the music going and go at it..I know it works. Music ... Read More »

What is real love?

Ladies I  relate to the pain and humility, of wanting someone you had been with before.. Here is an eye opener..   ‘HE’ must feel the same about us. Otherwise we’ll live in that prison forever.. If we accept it for what it is, than WE are in control, and the pain will slowly subside. I feel that I qualify ... Read More »

What Controls our Mind

We are often told that  ‘A healthy mind is a healthy body”. We are clearly made to understand that our mind controls our body. Here is the million dollar question. “Who or what controls our mind?”.. Here is my own theory. Every morning as I wake up, first thing I do is turn on the computer..Like all of you..I’m sure. ... Read More »

Don’t Drink and Drive

Someone I know became victim to alcohol abuse. She lost the love of her life. Poor judgement. I Dedicate this to .. In my mind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In my mind you love me In my mind you care. I open my eyes I look around Reality hit m,e you’re not there. ~~~~~ In my mind your arm surrounds my shoulder Ever ... Read More »

Fitness Guru’s Advice

I created these Videos for anyone that does not have an opportunity to get to a gym.   There are no excuses why we can’t keep fit..Our home is your gym and our body is the equipment. We can work out from our couch, kitchen, and yes even sitting at the desk..All we need is the will and the motivation. ... Read More »