To whom it may concern. 40 years I was a fashion designer. I created a few millionaires in my days with my talent, now I can’t ever get through the door My last position was at Femme de Carriere. My best employment was at Style Queen. Indeed I felt like a queen…He was a crazy man but he made me ... Read More »

~~ What is Fear ~~?

      As we approach a certain age, it seems our fears are getting stronger and more frequent. What are we afraid of? Being alone, dying alone, getting old and no one wants us. Fear of abandonment is the number one reason for depression among the older generation..My generation. The internet is providing us with entertainment, connections, and sometimes love. ... Read More »

My Pledge of Love

                                                                                                         A little girl went  to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar          from its hiding place in the closet.  She poured the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Three times, even.. The total added to be exactly perfect… No chance here for mistakes.. Carefully placing the  coins back in the jar ... Read More »

Don’t Drink and Drive

Someone I know became victim to alcohol abuse. She lost the love of her life. Poor judgement. I Dedicate this to .. In my mind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In my mind you love me In my mind you care. I open my eyes I look around Reality hit m,e you’re not there. ~~~~~ In my mind your arm surrounds my shoulder Ever ... Read More »