A letter from Alice

Dear Lu I’m with my boyfriend 5 years now and although we had our ups and downs we had what I considered a wonderful relationship. I’m 52 and He is 68..Lately I find that he is not as attentive and loving as he used to be and I can’t help feeling he is no longer attracted to me. I gained ... Read More »

Since you asked ~~ What is “YoYo Loving”? ~~~

  Here is something I never heard beforeĀ  šŸ˜‰ “I love himĀ  he’s my everything”. “I hate him!!~~I hope he drops dead” “Why can’t he love me the way that I love him?” “Oh God please make him come back to me, my life is nothing without him! :(“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After we finally manage to lure him back, the sex ... Read More »

~~ Avoiding Mental Rape ~~

I lived it I know how it feels and I’m here to adviseĀ  you, Involvement of any kind with someone that plays with your mind, Is rape! If you must play this game, be smart about it Cyber love is ‘Mental rape’. Over and Over and over. We must get out of it. Ask yourself “How does money buy me ... Read More »

~~~ Reality About Dating ~~~

Women have a hard time understanding that sex will not keep a man close. He may love you,Ā  and still be out there cheating. Some even pay for it. I know! * NEVER ON A FIRST DATE * A word of advice, keep them on as long as you can. Once he has you, no guarantee he’ll hang around Starting ... Read More »

~~ My 10 Rules of Blind Dating ~~

Since I gave up on the notion of searching for a man, I became more aware of myself as a woman, Not a desperate hunter My passions are directed in much different directions.. It finally sank in “There is a great life, after men”. Play me Do you believe in life after love? Ā Most blind dates end up in disaster. ... Read More »

~~ Why did he Leave You? ~~

Lets face it ladies.. We did all we could to make this man stay with us. We take care of our bodies, get fat, depressed, happy, Whatever we do to ourselves,Ā  we make it to be about him. I’m sure. How many times do we hear “Yeah but my husband”, My boyfriend, my whoever he is in your life. What ... Read More »

What is real love?

Ladies IĀ  relate to the pain and humility, of wanting someone you had been with before.. Here is an eye opener.. Ā  ‘HE’ must feel the same about us. Otherwise we’ll live in that prison forever.. If we accept it for what it is, than WE are in control, and the pain will slowly subside. I feel that I qualify ... Read More »

How to be a lady

Most women I meet and talk to, have one issue in commune. How to make a man remember them. I did everything I thought I knew, to make a man stay with me. From starving myself to death to buying expensive gifts, to accepting everything they through at me. Oh I did complain a shit load, but the problem wasn’t ... Read More »