For Ladies

A letter from Alice

Dear Lu I’m with my boyfriend 5 years now and although we had our ups and downs we had what I considered a wonderful relationship. I’m 52 and He is 68..Lately I find that he is not as attentive and loving as he used to be and I can’t help feeling he is no longer attracted to me. I gained ... Read More »

Baking Ideas

Lunchwithlu in collaboration with Is searching for cake and pastry designers. Help me fill in this page with wonderful creations and make a great living while doing it.!aplha-zone/c1ij5 For details please contact!contact/c3px Great ideas and lots of determination will help you become independent.   Read More »


To whom it may concern. 40 years I was a fashion designer. I created a few millionaires in my days with my talent, now I can’t ever get through the door My last position was at Femme de Carriere. My best employment was at Style Queen. Indeed I felt like a queen…He was a crazy man but he made me ... Read More »

~~ What is Fear ~~?

      As we approach a certain age, it seems our fears are getting stronger and more frequent. What are we afraid of? Being alone, dying alone, getting old and no one wants us. Fear of abandonment is the number one reason for depression among the older generation..My generation. The internet is providing us with entertainment, connections, and sometimes love. ... Read More »

~~ Avoiding Mental Rape ~~

I lived it I know how it feels and I’m here to advise  you, Involvement of any kind with someone that plays with your mind, Is rape! If you must play this game, be smart about it Cyber love is ‘Mental rape’. Over and Over and over. We must get out of it. Ask yourself “How does money buy me ... Read More »

~~~ Reality About Dating ~~~

Women have a hard time understanding that sex will not keep a man close. He may love you,  and still be out there cheating. Some even pay for it. I know! * NEVER ON A FIRST DATE * A word of advice, keep them on as long as you can. Once he has you, no guarantee he’ll hang around Starting ... Read More »

The Honor of Being a Mother

As a mother After years of studying my cahracter, I understand why my life took such a sad turn. These are the outcome of my actions, My boy Danny. I raised a descent man, and for that I am proud!~ My idea of love, is totally different than what he envisioned. **** MY REVELATION **** As women, we must lean ... Read More »

~~Important Fashion Tip ~~”Be Yourself”~~

News flash to the world. Black is not a COLOR ____________________________ If it’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Too bad nothing happened, I’m really bad at keeping secrets.   Fashion should represent us as in individual people, not as a religion or as fad of the day Fashion should be what looks good on us without ... Read More »