For Children


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Some of the most amazing ideas come from observing children at play. Though me research, one very interesting thing I have found is that children love to work. Give then a toy, and a vacuum cleaner, they will choose the vacuum any day. Why? …. Simple. They wish to please us. They like to show us how reliable and worthy ... Read More »

Looseeloo  My love of children and my love for art made it inevitable that I must combine the two. Let your child explore the reality of colors and angles on their own. We all have a different way of seeing things. Our way is not the right way… it’s our way I created this amazing program to benefit children with ... Read More »

The Honor of Being a Mother

As a mother After years of studying my cahracter, I understand why my life took such a sad turn. These are the outcome of my actions, My boy Danny. I raised a descent man, and for that I am proud!~ My idea of love, is totally different than what he envisioned. **** MY REVELATION **** As women, we must lean ... Read More »

Mother, is Only a Name

With a broken soul and a heavy heart, I’m writing this today. All the  A to Z reasons, why I have to stay away It’s not that I don’t love you, It’s not that I don’t care. Your constant putdowns and displeasure of me, are more than I can bare Everything I have ever done, was never good enough You ... Read More »