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Is Age Just a Number?

I”m dedicating this blog in reference to a letter I received concerning My Cougar segment on You tube. First thing I must address, I don’t consider myself a cougar. By my own interpretation I am “A Seductress” A Cougar is purposely chasing younger men. I do not chase 😉 I attract. A great encounter is one that Excites, fulfills, and ... Read More »

~~~ How Happy is Your Anniversary ? ~~~

 June first 2014, my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. Not sure if I can call this a celebration. More like a miracle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After 62 years of marriage, my father had enough balls to tell my mother that she ruined his life. Of course she didn’t take it very well. Nothing that does’nt include a compliment or a phrasal sits ... Read More »

~~ What is Fear ~~?

      As we approach a certain age, it seems our fears are getting stronger and more frequent. What are we afraid of? Being alone, dying alone, getting old and no one wants us. Fear of abandonment is the number one reason for depression among the older generation..My generation. The internet is providing us with entertainment, connections, and sometimes love. ... Read More »

What to do When….

Last night I was trying to drag a 300 pound air conditioner into my car. The hallway leading to my car, was saturated with garbage. From the elevator to the door leading to the garage I’m trying to clear my way through all the shit. Why go through anger and resentment? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I picked up all the garbage bags, every ... Read More »

What Comes After 60 ?

** 61 ** Hopefully ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now that I’m turning 60, the provincial government is enticing me with an early retirement plan. Looks like I’ll be doing well. I finally have something better than my mother.. A much LARGER!, retirement benefit. .. Her dying wish is to keep her money till the end. I want to respect her wish and be ... Read More »

~~~ What Happened to?~~~

I don’t consider myself a social outcast. I love entertaining and being entertained.. When I was young I had lots of friends and nothing kept me from attending social functions. Drifting from from boyfriend to marriage to boyfriend to marriage and so on, I lost contact with every one from my past. Occasionally I run into someone that I knew, ... Read More »

~~ Represent Yourself ~~

We must understand! Rejection is part of this selfish ME ME world. Why do we need to BE represented. When we can DO it ourselves. FREE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My routine as I remember, waking up every morning taking the bus and riding an hour each way to work. On time , 7 am sharp! Never missed a day, never came in ... Read More »