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Baking Ideas

Lunchwithlu in collaboration with Is searching for cake and pastry designers. Help me fill in this page with wonderful creations and make a great living while doing it.!aplha-zone/c1ij5 For details please contact!contact/c3px Great ideas and lots of determination will help you become independent.   Read More »


To whom it may concern. 40 years I was a fashion designer. I created a few millionaires in my days with my talent, now I can’t ever get through the door My last position was at Femme de Carriere. My best employment was at Style Queen. Indeed I felt like a queen…He was a crazy man but he made me ... Read More »

Lets Talk Hair

Thinning Hair? Our worst nightmare. Like every woman-at my age I sadly reached the balding stage Even though I trust no one I realized something must be done All the pills suggested on TV No thanks…They’re  not for me I passed by a hairdresser to ask for advice Now listen to the tape  so I don’t repeat… twice  😉 For ... Read More »

Suicide not the answer

SUICIDE A very touchy subject. One that I contemplated a few times in my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s been a while that I wrote in my blog. Not because I had nothing to say, I had no idea how to say it. I have major issues to work out and at times the pain is so overwhelming that I feel lost ... Read More »

~ How to get a workout at your desk ~

I would like to introduce myself. I’m not on a mission to sell. Please read on, since there is no money involved, just your compassion and your sense of good judgement. I’m a certified and licensed massage therapist And full time entrepreneur. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Self Branding takes a major part of my everyday life.  I treat 1-5  clients per day. The ... Read More »


From and http:// A well known aim is to sell and donate. Part of the profits sold under the Lunch with Lu Dome will be donated to charities. The closest to my heart are the ***CHILDREN *** Its time to show your generosity. 1) By selling  or buying my products 2) By auctioning off one of a kind ... Read More »