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Where is Justice?

SIT DOWN AND ENJOY YOUR LUNCH… I would like to open a discussion regarding the law against victims in this province.. I’m a 62 years old entrepaneure, looking to better myself, after China took over the fashion industry along with my carrier that I gave 38 years to.   Followed by 8 years of creating and executing ... Read More »


A simple click will take you on a trip to all my adventures _________________________________________________________ Read More »


Some of the most amazing ideas come from observing children at play. Though me research, one very interesting thing I have found is that children love to work. Give then a toy, and a vacuum cleaner, they will choose the vacuum any day. Why? …. Simple. They wish to please us. They like to show us how reliable and worthy ... Read More »

It all Starts with a Happy Face.

Nothing is more despicable than sitting someone down for a meal you prepare with love and hope…. Only to get robbed blind and treated like garbage. Trust is a word that is often thrown around without any merit. YOU… pray on those who believe in you.. although nothing you say turns out to be true YOU steal,…YOU lie… YOU falsify…… ... Read More »

  Dear Lu I admire you for having the courage to leave your marriage and pursue your own life. I knew my husband since high-school and although some might consider that I married my high school sweetheart, it was not a sweet marriage by any means. In those days if we were over 25 and not married we would consider ... Read More »

A letter from Alice

Dear Lu I’m with my boyfriend 5 years now and although we had our ups and downs we had what I considered a wonderful relationship. I’m 52 and He is 68..Lately I find that he is not as attentive and loving as he used to be and I can’t help feeling he is no longer attracted to me. I gained ... Read More »

Looseeloo  My love of children and my love for art made it inevitable that I must combine the two. Let your child explore the reality of colors and angles on their own. We all have a different way of seeing things. Our way is not the right way… it’s our way I created this amazing program to benefit children with ... Read More »