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A sad ending to a sad life ~Amanda ~Her Story~

For years, I’m tormented by this life changing event. How is it possible to have so much drama and  tragedy within the walls of our surroundings. And not wonder ‘How can we change the course of our existence’? This is where the phrase ‘What if’ Was superficially created. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We can’t change the course of what was . IT WAS  ... Read More »

~ The joy of Independence ~

************** My life might not be the most fascinating. But I guarantee, it’s one of the most Uplifting.. Most middle aged women who lose their jobs, Get on board the pity train and ride it to nowhere at an alarming speed. After years of serving an ungrateful SOB, he/she decide to down size. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What to do when we find ... Read More »

~~ Sure! ~ Every one has an Opinion ~~

It is sad to see how far people go out of their way to be hurtful and insulting. I am a strong believer in the freedom of speech. “Judging others shows the weakness and fear in yourself” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “If you pay my bills you might be allowed to have an opinion” 🙂 As this is MY blog, I have the ... Read More »

The Face Book Love Trap Part two ~ How to Fry a Catfish ~

I received tremendous response on the “Face book trap” journal. For this, I am grateful and thank you all for taking the time to respond. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Again I am being pursued. This time I decided to take it as far as I can, to make a point. Both men and women get false idea of what a long distance ... Read More »

~ A Meaningful Event ~

The reason people argue is because no one wants to give up. In order to keep the peace, We either accept or give up. I have many ways of giving up, But I only accept once. Some are easy to forget. Some are no choice but to accept. And some are unforgettable. In the end, we chose how we want ... Read More »

~ All I Want is Music ~

                                                 Please feel free to add and collaborate.. No secret to those that have gotten to know me that music is my passion. I attend live concerts at least four per year.. (Would do it more often but hell they are expensive). None the less I have seen the best of the best since the age of 14 . The ... Read More »