~~ And How is Your Love Life? ~~

On how many levels is this wrong?
I knew the answer.
Than again, do I need one?
It’s there.
Only thing for me to do, is accept it or not.

*** What is Real Love ***

I have no need or desire to hook up with any one.
It is a given that a man in my life would disrupt all that I am looking to achieve.
But how awesome it feels to know someone finds me desirable.
Someone I can’t allow myself to give a second thought.
Can’t describe it..It’s very empowering.
I don’t consider myself a cougar.
I don’t chase men, let alone young men.
Should age be a factor?
Yes, if we can’t control our reality.
They are with us for NOW.
I understand why older women prefer younger men.
Same reason older men prefer younger women.
They are esthetically more pleasing to the eye.
But being close to 60 and being desired by a 30 year old is quite an accomplishment.
And no I don’t give him a penny.

There is a lot of money exchanging hands between young and old.
Mostly the young are those who profit.


 I watched the entire episode.
She claims it’s all a lye.
He gifted her with all the goodies because she is a nice person.
That’s why you press record, every time his number is showing.
WE all know it’s a lye..Because any one who said they wouldn’t give a blow job
for a million dollar condo, a Ferrari and three other cars, is lying..
I would. In a New York minute…. and admit it.
I am not just a nice person..I’m also intelligent enough to know NOT to tape conversations
with a billionaire with great connections,
unless I have so much shit on him he’ll definitely want me happy. and QUIET..
I would start watching my back…
This is what happens to a man when a hot Biach, tinkles his little bells.
He turn into stupid.
Powerful rich men often fall from grace by betrayal of a bimbo who has a great coach behind her.
Why would anyone that looks like her would love the old fart like a father..?
Coaching darlings.

The view from my window

He said, “No pictures please”.
No need for a close up
Just the connection 😉

Young women crave hugging, constant attention , public signs of affection.
‘We are soul mates, the love of my life’ anything to persuade a man to commit.
And occasionally appear on Jerry Springer and beat the crap of her man’s HOE
🙂 🙂 🙂
In my youth, I loved it. I believed in it. I craved it.
The happily ever after.
I have no more taste buds.

*** The Happily Ever After What? ***

Now I need my space, my room to groove, my clear mind.
And occasionally the attention of someone that looks like him 😉
The wisdom of aging with grace, is a privilege and honor.
That holds more power than a ton of botox 😉

Enjoy your view and look ahead to YOUR happiness.

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