About Me

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 Born in Romania on November 21-1954, my parents emigrated to Canada when I was 12 years old.
Although struggled learning two new languages (French and English), and trying hard to adjust and fit in my new environment,
I found soles in creating and listening to music. The louder the better.
My passion– rock, blues, and color. LOTS of color

From poetry, to music, to mosaic creations – I  use art to conceal much of the pain I endured throughout my life..
In fact, my struggles never seem to end…
After years of soul searching, I came to the conclusion that every step, was a meant to be…
From my two failed marriages..which were for convenience, not love…to my constant failures in the work environment..
Although very talented and dedicated..I never felt appreciated by my employers..

A graduate of Ecole Comptoir Cappony, I entered the field of fashion and pattern-making…
Fashion payed my bills, but my heart was always in the arts..
I had a passion and a great singing voice, but my parents considered it another faze of my pathetic existence.
I always had a special place in my heart for children.
Its their innocence and honesty that intrigues me about these little creatures.

At the age of 54 I lost my final position in the fashion field.
As the industry dwindled into Chinese territories, I saw this as an opportunity to reinvent myself.
I took a course in masso-therapy got my diploma, and never looked back.
I use my hard earned income to create and brand my name, and my collections.
Now I’m dedicating the rest of my life, to help those in need by uplifting and changing their lives.
Although it’s hard to do I’m reaching one woman at a time.
At 63 I show no signs of slowing down..In fact my energy level is one of a 20 year old.

Although financially I’m not at a comfortable level, not bankruptcy nor welfare has ever entered my vocabulary.
Thanks to my willpower and determination and a strong believe of self worth, I will prevail.

I have some amazing life stories on You tube- and my blog, both under the very appropriate name lunchwithlu.
I don’t believe in preaching nor telling other how to live their lives.
I only hopes that through my own life experiences one can learn how to manage their own.
From dating, to fun workout with Lu…I’m helping many ladies over 50, to adjust with their loneliness and lack of self acceptance..

As an artist’s story is often sad, a true artist always finds a way to draw a bright picture.

Keep a close eye on me. You might not approve with all that I am, but you will appreciate all that I do.
For @LUNCHWITHLU…..I’m  here for you..

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rodica says:

It is infuriating to see how fast some people are ready to judge and put down another human being (a woman) who is trying so hard to deal with life with dignity and respect. Who gives anyone the right to judge others. In order to judge, one has to be perfect -Mr. James are you perfect? Look down into your soul and come with the conclusion. When that conclusion is positive than you have the right to judge others.- Decency and respect special for the feminine gender is so long gone unfortunately. It only shows the luck of education and values that our society is dealing with. Very damaging to the relations between men and women.
So Mr. James, do not jump with your idiotic suggestions and conclusions.

Lucia L. says:

Rodica thank you for your comment..
The fact the people go out of their way to be insulting is a way to improve on their own imperfections.
Mr James is a porn dealer (Or as he refers to himself as 6969@hotmail.com).
He is giving others the parenting moral ground, all the while his website is popping out immorality.
I chose to be the better person and print his comments to show exactly what you mention that
~~~ Decency and respect special for the feminine gender is so long gone ~~~
Again, I do appreciate the time you took to respond

James says:

This has to be the most pathetic website I have ever seen. First, it is littered with spelling and grammatical errors. At the very least use spell check Lucia. Then I noticed her blog on how her elderly parents, probably on pension, had to bail her out of debt. She is 59 years OLD and has credit card debt? Not much of a role model for her kid. The verbal diarrhea is comical as was her appearance on Dragon’s Den.

Oh Lucia, it’s time you grew up.

Lucia L. says:

Dear Mr James.
Your a porn dealer, (Speaking of a role model for YOUR kid). As long as your grammar is good the rest WTF?..
I did a lot for my family and just because my parents are on pension they do have money.
No need to feel bad for me or for them, feel bad for the women you explore to make your disgusting business grow..
I make a GREAT living catering to men, even though I’m OLD!, but my clothes stay on, and no one dares to touch me. Even though my spelling is bad and my Dragon’s den presentation was a verbal diarrhea..
My eloquence, intelligence and artistic talent surpasses any of those arrogant self centered snobs that make a shit load of money to sit in judgment and humiliate hard working women.
I have earned every penny that I invested in my business and made it with class and dignity..
So kindly go fuck yourself and your opinion since you don’t pay my bills..
Sorry for any grammatical errors..

Rodica says:

Mr. Wonderful (Mark), being that he is from Australia (?) should have his English under control. I do not think his first language is English, therefore his identity is from the start questionable. The way he carries on his conversation is not of an English speaking person.
It is fun for us to follow you in this FB relationship and see the further developments. In the mean time so long.
I love the way you structure the conversation, you are something!!!

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