What Controls our Mind

We are often told that  ‘A healthy mind is a healthy body”.
We are clearly made to understand that our mind controls our body.
Here is the million dollar question. “Who or what controls our mind?”..

Here is my own theory.

Every morning as I wake up, first thing I do is turn on the computer..Like all of you..I’m sure.
It’s what you do with the rest of our day, that will determine how healthy our body is.

The hardest part of life is commitment to ourselves!. We do so much to please others but we have no idea how to please our mind.
Why? because we have no idea how to start the process..

What controls the mind is rhythm ..The faster the rhythm the more control.~
The more information we receive, the faster the rhythm
Fist thing we must do is change the rhythm.

My apartment is full of annoying sounds. From an old fridge, to a noisy humidifier and a noisy air purifier.
In order to live in comfort, I must put up with the annoying rhythms, that they provide.
Or must I?~ Once in a while I need to stop and realize  ‘I’m a basket case’  and I don’t know why.
That’s when all the annoying rhythms that are pounding in my brain are  getting sharper.
All I need to do is turn them off..and get into this.  Music.

Nothing wrong with living your now..After all, you are living for you.
Open the music instead of the TV..give your body a chance to sway..

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