~~Important Fashion Tip ~~”Be Yourself”~~

News flash to the world.
Black is not a
If it’s true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
Too bad nothing happened, I’m really bad at keeping secrets.

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Fashion should represent us as in individual people, not as a religion or as fad of the day
Fashion should be what looks good on us without being ridiculous

As a former fashion designer, for 35 years I was getting payed handsomely,
to entice you and spend money for a few pieces of crap every season.
I had to invent and reinvent ways to make you look the way ‘I’ wanted you to look like.
I was so creative I could have you buy 5 pieces of garments that gave you 10 ways to look different.
But did you?

Many years and many Full Moons ago I headed the designing department for a garment company called Style Queen. They catered to the sophisticated woman., who was modest at the same time wanted to look original without being trashy.
I designed garments for Cruise wear, Office wear,
and some of the most beautiful Mother of the Bride collections.
Here is a sample of what used to be.

I dreaded going into stores and see fashion displayed on hangers,
like ammunition.
Ready to attack you!, the consumer.
We all have to look the same.
We don’t know why..And we don’t realize how little we understand.
The more we buy from China the cheaper we can manufacture it.
More can be stolen from us, the stupid indifferent consumers.

No one on the street looks memorable.
We believe in obscurity.
We feel uncomfortable to bring our beauty out.
We’re afraid to show the real us,
Look in the mirror and ask yourself.
“Can this be the real me?”
Who am I?

We chose black for every occasion,.
The streets look like we are attacked by black onions.
Department stores sell black dresses for little girls
We’re preparing the world for a huge funeral.
**We hide our identities under a black cloud**

In 1976 as I started my carrier, I wanted to create and become my own leader.
Quickly I realized that I had to follow certain rules.
I would go to the stores with a scissors and cut a swatch off a dress.
I bribed sales ladies to give me info on the best sellers.
Inside me, knew I was a different shape in an asymmetrical cube.
I dressed apart from the others because I wanted to show my real talent.
I got a lot of  stares and people approached and asked where I get my clothes.
We need to be seen as individuals not as clones.

Wear a beautiful smile and very little makeup..
Be your own person
Don’t let anyone tell you differently..
You want to shine?
And a

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