A Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body

As a certified massage-therapist, the most commune complains people have are,
back,shoulder and neck pain.
Bad posture can create a lot of discomfort, and worst, poor mind performance.
It makes us moody and miserable.
A healthy body IS a healthy mind.

A sit down job can create a lot of damage to your health if we don’t take time to stretch and release the tension.
Stress without proper breathing is like coffee without water, we can survive without it but what effect it has on us?

Take time from your daily routine and add some kind of movement that helps to stretch and release tension in your joints and your muscles.
If you stay home depressed with nothing productive in your life, your mind tends to wonder to the negative side.
This where illnesses start popping up.
Music is the key to your well being.
Music opens the door to feeling BETTER……Exercise opens the door to feeling GREAT..
Combine the two and you get FANTASTIC!~

There are many ways to work your body..Lying on the couch, on the bed, sitting, standing in one place.
Keep Music in your ears in a store. While you shop or just look around, slowly contract while you walk around.

We have more options of doing it, than excuses not to..
Give yourself a chance to get out of your funk..

“GROOVE AND GRIND” your way to healthy.
Add me to your daily routine, or just get your own groove on ~~~~Just do it!

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