Dear Lu
I admire you for having the courage to leave your marriage and pursue your own life.
I knew my husband since high-school and although some might consider that I married my high school sweetheart,
it was not a sweet marriage by any means.
In those days if we were over 25 and not married we would consider that there was something wrong with us.
We had three children and they were a struggle to raise, we always lacked money, time and patience.
Today they are all out of the house, and as empty netters I find my life empty and boring.
I have no feelings for my husband and I doubt he has any for me.
I feel lost and uninspired..
I had passions that I never pursued and thus I have no inclination where to start from.
I’m 55 looking like 75 and I know deep down there is a young vixen larking, but I have no idea how to bring it out
Thank you for taking the time.